The mobility of the future reaches MAPFRE policies

The mobility of the future poses significant challenges that it is important to address as soon as possible. In cities around the world, and also in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​traffic restrictions are being applied to reduce both environmental and noise pollution, limiting the access of vehicles that emit more harmful particles for health. Likewise, users of private motorized transport are considering a change towards more environmentally friendly cars and motorcycles, in line with the ECO, 0 emissions and B labels: without going any further, the number of zero emission vehicle registrations during the 2020 grew to 42,000, double that of the previous year.

However, although these vehicles have reached a market share of 10.65%, there are some doubts regarding plans to renew the vehicle, such as that of the Government of Spain - Plan Moves III - and the rest of the aid to access this type vehicular. «The fleet of our country is being renewed mainly for two reasons, citizen awareness and regulation of access to many cities to reduce pollution», Highlights Ramón González Aznar, director of Development of private businesses at MAPFRE Spain. "For this reason, at MAPFRE we want to offer our customers a product specifically designed for their vehicles," he adds.


To resolve the various questions that may arise in this regard when purchasing an electric vehicle, MAPFRE offers its customers an advisory service on subsidies, location and installation of both public and private charging points and model comparisons. It is the MAPFRE teCuidamos guidance service, to resolve doubts about electric vehicles, their maintenance, their driving responsibilities and access to subsidies for the purchase.

This service is included in its new product Gama Cambio, for cars, motorcycles and mopeds, a new policy specifically designed for low-emission vehicles and respond to their insurance needs. Customers who contract this product are assured of a recharging tower for the vehicle at their home or parking lot, in addition to being covered against damage, fire and theft.

The policy includes covers designed for this type of car and motorcycles such as those that occur in the recharging tower damage. In addition, the auto policy includes a replacement vehicle with a 0 or ECO label, if necessary. All this without neglecting traditional coverage, such as roadside assistance and the possibility of recharging the battery.

Through this initiative, in which the client can choose from a basic third party insurance or a full risk insurance, the insurer launches a value bet for the mobility of the future and supports both the main developments in the sector and customers in the evolution of the motor world, offering innovative services and coverage adapted to new trends.


The Gama Cambio policy covers such important elements in an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid such as the battery, the recharging cable or the recharging tower to charge the vehicle that the client has installed in his home or community parking lot. Furthermore, these elements will be covered against possible damage, fire and theft. In addition, customers of the Cambio Range will also have coverage on the battery and the recharging cable, as well as civil liability for damage to other recharging stations.

MAPFRE policyholders who so wish can demonstrate their good driving habits by purchasing their insurance with the CaReward smartphone application and thus obtain a bonus in the renewal of the policy for good driving. The more trips you register, the more gifts and exclusive benefits you can have at your fingertips.


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