The mobile will reinvent itself in 2019: these are the news that we will see | Technology

The mobile will reinvent itself in 2019: these are the news that we will see | Technology

The mobile world may face a need for reinvention in 2019. Manufacturers are doing everything they can to attract a customer who already seems to have lost the incentive to renew the terminal ahead of time. On average, mobile is changed every 22 months (according to data from Kantar in the United States), a period shorter than actually necessary if we keep to the useful life of the equipment. However, this frantic pace of growth has begun to slow down for a double reason, according to the experts: on the one hand, because saturation has been practically reached in the markets of the first world, and on the other, because consumers have stopped finding incentives to renew their mobile phone due to the absence of new features.

However, manufacturers (and operators) can influence the second and this Herculean battle has been commissioned preparing for next year a series of developments that would justify the renewal of mobile. It should also be remembered that brands, faced with a waning demand in volume, have been forced to increase the selling price of mobile phones to maintain margins; As a result of this strategy, Apple announced that I would stop reporting about units sold on their iPhone and would only focus on the turnover.

What are the novelties with which this trend can be reversed?

Folding mobiles

This is possibly the biggest tractor effect the market sees in 2019: both Samsung and other companies in the sector are going to market the first units of a new mobile format that has many tickets to settle in the market. A mobile that takes folded in your pocket and it is deployed when it is going to use offers many advantages and multiplies the utility of the device. However, the new format faces powerful challenges that have not yet cleared the future of this type of equipment. 2019 will be the year of the official premiere of this type of equipment.

Perforated screens

The market demands increasingly thin and compact mobiles and manufacturers do not know very well how to solve a manufacturing problem: the space that must be dedicated in the chassis to the cameras; especially, the frontal, the selfies. Apple opted for a controversial solution on the iPhone X: the controversial notch, a tab that occupies a minimum part of the frontal screen and in which the frontal optics is located. This solution was received by the rivals as coarse and in this search for minimalism, the last cry is to integrate the camera on the screen through a perforation that occupies the minimum space.

5G, the hyper speed

The novelties related to hardware were necessary to encourage a somewhat boring market to always see the same thing, but operators play a fundamental role in regard to the user experience and in this sense, the next thing we will see will be an absolute revolution in the network: the 5G. It is an evolution on the current network, the 4G, which will trigger the utility of mobile phones but above all the connection speed: the 5G is up to a hundred times faster than the previous network. But this network is much better prepared for the known internet of things and the connection to multiple devices will be much cheaper by allowing cheaper modules and the battery consumption will be much lower.

Incredible cameras lurking the reflex

It will not catch you unprepared to know that the mobiles have revolutionized the world of photography and that estimates estimate that in 2017, 85% of the photographs in the world were taken from mobile devices. Thus, it is understandable that manufacturers strive to offer increasingly powerful cameras and smart. For the first, some brands have embarked on a wild race for megapixels, and in 2019 we will see several models reach the unimaginable figure of 48MB, unthinkable a few years ago. Regarding the second, Google and Apple, especially the first, have shown the world that artificial intelligence is great to the world of mobile photography: in devices like the Pixel of the firm of Mountain View, when you click The trigger triggers a series of processes in which the resulting photograph is analyzed and optimized by looking at all the variables.


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