Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

The mishap of Lastra forces to postpone the planned meeting with JxCat

The mishap that the vice-secretary general of the PSOE has suffered this morning in the constitution of the Congress, Adriana Lastra, has forced to postpone the scheduled appointment with the spokeswoman for JxCat, Laura Borràs, first thing this afternoon. The spokeswoman for the socialist group, which directs the negotiations for the investiture of Pedro Sanchez, he has sprained his ankle as he descends the stairs of the tribune of Congress, after one of the votes to elect your Bureau. At the end of the plenary session, Lastra has moved to a hospital, where he has had X-rays.

This Tuesday would have been the first meeting of JxCat with the socialist negotiating team after 10-N. An expected appointment in the post-convergent house, although the expectations of being able to reach an agreement that turns its refusal to the investiture of Pedro Sánchez are low. "We have agreed that the health of the spokeswoman (Adriana Lastra) passes by," Borràs explained from outside the Congress.

Laura Borràs greets the socialist entourage, including Adriana Lastra

Laura Borràs greets the socialist entourage, including Adriana Lastra
(Dani Duch)

The possibility of holding the meeting on Tuesday, later, has been ruled out because the number one of JxCat in Madrid has to take the AVE towards Barcelona. Finally, both formations have agreed meet tomorrow Wednesday at 11 am in the morning.

However, Ferraz sources have informed The vanguard that, after passing through the hospital, Lastra will direct the negotiating team of the PSOE and of PSC that this afternoon holds its second meeting with Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, after last Thursday. This new appointment, initially scheduled for five in the afternoon, will start with delay waiting for Lastra to arrive.

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