The misfortune of Del Potro | sports

The misfortune of Del Potro | sports

At its best sporting moment, after crossing several deserts in the form of injuries and when everything bad seemed to be behind, already distant, Juan Martin del Potro He had another unpleasant encounter with misery. The Argentine, of 30 years, suffered last week a slip in Shanghai, while competing in the eighths against Borna Coric, and his physique received another full impact. After spending four times in the operating room to repair his wrists-three interventions on the left, one on the right-the Argentine fit another considerable blow that brings him back to the dark times, when he considered leaving tennis because his desire to do something big was not accompanied by too fragile joints.

Until last Thursday, the date of the blow that brought him back from the first plane and led him back to the infirmary, Del Potro enjoyed a year without equal for him. To the lustrous curriculum he had set in spite of the evil of the dolls and, consequently, the vulnerability of his backhand, this season added three other significant notches. He celebrated in Indian Wells his first title in the Masters 1000 category, reached another final a decade later (again, in New York) and in August he climbed to third place in the ranking for the first time, even having real possibilities of discussing the throne to Nadal, Djokovic and Federer.

However, the misfortune, inevitable companion of trip in its professional layout, returned to give a punch to him psychic during the duel against Coric. When he threw a left, in the first set, Del Potro rectified during a side run and skated; when falling, his right knee was embedded with violence against the ground and the kneecap, as determined by the medical tests, he fractured. Despite the will to continue, the pain withdrew him. The ghosts returned and the prize of returning to dispute the Cup of Teachers, the next month, vanished.

"It's a very difficult moment," he said in a statement. "I feel very sad, it is a hard blow that leaves me without strength psychically. It is very difficult for me to face a recovery again, I did not expect it, "added Tandil, who also participated in the meeting. teacher of London, five years after his last time, he was going to play the Basel and Paris-Bercy tournaments previously. But the misfortune, suddenly, put him again at a crossroads, because it reappears a grayish horizon and the uncertainty of knowing when he will once again grasp the racket. Once you determine the exact type of break you suffer, Delpo will maneuver in a concrete sense, with the firm intention of avoiding surgery and betting on a conservative treatment.

Avoid the operating room, the priority

From Argentina, the newspaper The nation ensures that it will try to avoid intervention at all costs, which would require a minimum period of absence of at least three or four months. That is, in addition to missing the final stretch of this campaign would be difficult to play the next Australian Open, in January. At the moment, a splint protects and immobilizes the articulation of the current number four, who throughout his career has withdrawn 16 times from a tournament and resigned three others just before competing, for one reason or another. Now he is complaining about the knee, but before there were other episodes: a lumbar vertebra fracture, shoulder, various muscle tears and, above all, the anguished lash of the left wrist.

Last year, the cyclist Alejandro Valverde the kneecap was also broken in the aftermath of a fall. The recent world champion He received medical discharge in just one month and a half, but it took him six months to reappear. Without a completely accurate forecast, the case of Del Potro (1.98 and 90 kilos) is still an unknown, in any case, the panorama of male tennis spoils while the Argentine has been the strongest opponent to the three giants: Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. To all of them he has won – seven times to the Swiss, six to the Spanish and four to the Serbian – and from all of them he gained admiration.

"I have cried a lot for tennis, for joy and sadness," he commented in an interview with EL PAÍS during the last edition of the tournament in Madrid. "A day came when I found an inner strength that I did not believe I had. I did not know that I was so strong, "he said day in that conversation full of optimism and bliss. Now, for the umpteenth time, the tower must recover from the collapse. Facing the misfortune, Del Potro has to get up again.

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