The Miró Mallorca Foundation and its pedagogical action

Learn to be, to know, to influence our environment in order to grow, participate and enrich the city and the community. Try, together, to create a better world, share and reflect on the life and work of the great artist of the twentieth century, Joan Miró. This would define one of the basic pillars of the place that Miró founded and chose to live and work for almost three decades, the Fundació Miró Mallorca.

The desire of Joan Miró and his wife, Pilar Juncosa, was to create "a dynamic center of cultural irradiation", and with this objective we work every day through a pedagogical and artistic program based on values, inclusive, active and aimed at all people interested in approaching the process and creation Contemporary artistic

The pedagogical objective of the Foundation

Traditionally, the Foundation has been a pioneer in the investigation of teaching formulas for children, schools and families, who in a playful way have been able to approach the understanding of the proposals presented by the educational team of the Fundació Miró Mallorca. It does not only focus on promoting short-term activities with immediate results, but also follows lines of research in the field of teaching, social insertion or experimentation with new groups.

The educational program of the Foundation began in 1993 and includes different pedagogical and artistic proposals clearly differentiated that respond to the diversity of the public that visits the Fundació Miró Mallorca: the program for educational centers, that of adults and families, Y the social program with workshops for specific educational needs.

And as a complement to this first level training action, other actions and activities are developed, also limited to the educational field, such as the granting of the Pilar Juncosa and Sotheby´s Awards and Scholarships or the courses and workshops that are held annually in the Workshops of Graphic Work of Joan Miró.

The Pilar Juncosa & Sotheby´s Awards and Scholarships

The Pilar Juncosa & Sotheby´s Scholarships and Awards They were born in 1986 when, thanks to the generosity of Pilar Juncosa, 42 works by Joan Miró went to auction for the benefit of the Foundation. With part of the funds obtained and together with the commission granted by Sotheby's, different awards and scholarships have been granted since 1993 to promote and disseminate contemporary creative values, help young generations of artists in their training and promote them in their commitment to innovation and sincere search for new paths of creation. This project collaborates with renowned entities such as Sotheby´s España, Calcografía Nacional, the Casa de Velázquez or the Slade School of Fine Art in London.

The program of activities

The program of activities It complements the reflections on the art of our time and other current topics: cycles of conferences, seminars, round tables and presentations of books and magazines.

Apart from cultural activities, the Foundation organizes and coordinates, through its Department of Education and Activities (DEAC), a parallel program focused on entertainment such as concerts, theater and puppet performances, dance and festivals. In addition, it annually pays tribute to its founder with San Joan's party which concentrates a series of quotes of various kinds that bring together a large and plural audience, just as the artist would have liked to contemplate.

Educa Miró

EducaMiro, is a philosophy, an artistic ideology; an objective, an end, a goal, a teaching and learning, a living and experiencing ..., is the essence of the Foundation that bears the name of a man and a woman who thanks to their generosity made reality, not just their dream , but that of many generations of artists and lovers of knowledge and knowledge, the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation in Mallorca.

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