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The Miralda quilt for the trousseau of the wedding of Columbus and the Statue of Liberty hangs in the Oval Room of the MNAC

La colcha de Miralda para el ajuar de la boda de Colón y la Estatua de la Libertad cuelga en la Sala Oval del MNAC

Between the years 1986 and 1992, Antoni Miralda It took place in different cities of the world a series of ceremonial actions that culminated in the Las Vegas desert with the wedding in style Statue of Liberty from New York and Christopher Columbus from Barcelona. The ceremony was part of the
Honeymoon Project
, a monumental artistic project with which the Catalan artist opened a reflection on the culinary and gastronomic exchange between two continents, 500 years after the discovery of America. There was a banquet, honeymoon and also a trousseau, among which was a quilt that reproduces the Agnus Dei represented in the Romanesque church of Sant Climent de Taüll.

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(Antoni Miralda in the Oval Room
Àlex Garcia)

The MNAC, where it is deposited, it has been rescued from the warehouse and for a few days it hangs from the Oval Room, although the idea of ​​the museum, according to its director Pepe Serra, is that it can be exhibited permanently. "It is the first time that this room has a work on its scale. I would like the audience to see it permanently. " The tapestry-bedspread, which is titled
Lamb of the Apocalypse
and came to parade down Fifth Avenue in New York, had shown at the museum almost 25 years ago on the occasion of the exhibition Agnus Dei Romanesque art and twentieth-century artists. Since then I was in the reserves.

The tapestry, which came to parade down Fifth Avenue in New York, was in the museum's reserves

Miralda, Velázquez's last prize, has devised an installation for this new presentation, Peccata Mundi, in which he wants to highlight the dialogue between the work and the organ of the Oval Room (it stopped working in the fifties but now it sounds again in a symbolic way). "I am interested in the confrontation between the image and the organ, which are almost twins, in a public square like this one that inside a museum is a luxury," he says. The artist has arranged seven tables in the shape of an eye and also shows a selection of historical drawings and audiovisuals about the project.

In principle the exhibition is scheduled only until Sunday and has Saturday its highlight with a ceremony-performance devised by Miralda himself, who will start in the morning at the doors of the museum with the lamb cooking and will conclude tailor-made with a counter-concert recital Jordi Domènech, accompanied to the organ by Dani Espasa.

The ceremony will begin with the cooking of the lamb at the doors of the museum. Inside, participants can enjoy a medieval menu

Between them, the public can visit the rooms of Romanesque art and attend a symbolic offering at Lamb of the Apocalypse of Sant Climent de Taüll; see how the pencil stands while two formations of the Fundación Conservatori del Liceu interpret the
Agnus Dei

of Pierluigi de Palestrina and Bach, or participate in a banquet for 300 people consisting of a cocktail with sheep milk whey, cold almond soup and lamb morterol accompanied by seven medieval recipe sauces. To attend the meal, it is necessary to previously book in the museum website.

The director of the MNAC, Pepe Serra, studies the possibility that the piece is exhibited permanently

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