August 1, 2021

The miracle that Santa will make to Nazaria

The miracle that Santa will make to Nazaria

When María Victoria Azuara intone the first words in tribute to the Mother Nazaria, there is a certain air of gratitude, as if one owed something special to the other. "It was like a diamond with eight faces: when one face shines the light, it seems the most valuable, but when the stone turns, another begins to dazzle, and that seems the best. She stood out in all its aspects, "describes the first to the second, who will be canonized next Sunday by Pope Francis and will be elevated to Santa, maximum ecclesiastical designation for a deceased person who surrendered in life to serve God.

Nazaria Ignacia March Mesa He was born in Madrid and soon he heard the call of Jesus Christ: in his first communionn, says Daniela Pérez Oeriz, Superior General of the Missionaries of the Cross of the Church, "Nazaria felt the call of Jesus, to which she replied: '' I will follow you in life as much as a human can ''". When he was just 20 years old, he emigrated to Mexico due to economic problems and then went to Bolivia with the Little Sisters of the Desamparados, where he had barely landed in Latin America. Now 36 years old, Nazaria decides to leave the organization to begin her journey alone and found the Cross Missionaries. At that time founded the first documented social dining room, baptized as the Pot of the Poor and located in the Bolivarian city of Osorio. He died in Buenos Aires in 1943.

The religious always gave herself to the most disadvantaged, but focused her action on two concrete groups. "One day, in the period of most severe poverty, Nazaria sought alms in the house of a wealthy couple. When they closed the door in his face, he left desolate on the way to the town square. There, suddenly, she was surrounded by children who embraced her, and there she discovered that her best gift was to have the blessing of the poor, "says Daniela to LA RAZÓN. And is that the little ones were always a point of action in the life of Nazaria. Always worried about them, she ordered the construction of orphanages that would act as schools and would give shelter to every child who asked for it, without looking if she had a bed, money or clean clothes to use.

The women are the other bastion on which Nazaria would act with greater force. Far ahead of her time, the religious sought to equate their rights with those of men in an adverse time for them. "He always fought for his social progress," says Daniela. "To instruct them he devised a printing press and published a magazine known as" The King of Christ the King ". With this he taught them to read and to handle themselves in a trade ", says the same.

After having passed the process of beatification, they began the process of seeking their canonization. For a person to be elevated to the category of Saint, he must have worked a miracle. The case of Nazaria is curious because it was after 50 years of his death when what happened happened.

On October 13, 2010, María Victoria attended the usual Sunday Mass. What seemed like a regular weekend turned into a terrible day: "When it was over and I received the blessing, I set out on my way home. I started to walk, to walk, to walk … And there came a point where I asked myself: Where am I? "María Victoria did not know where she was going, and when she found her particular direction, the situation did not improve either:" I entered The house and the sisters told me that I behaved very strangely, that I babbled too much and moved like a robot. " After coaxing her, a group of girls and Maria Victoria went to a hospital and the result of the resonance could not go worse: severe stroke that could condition the rest of his life.

After that, the mother superior decided to send her to Cochabamba in search of a new opinion. "Severe aphasia with very serious diagnosis," he was told there. Seeing what happened, the doctors decided to keep the woman under observation for a few days, three specifically, and then let her go home. "I did not notice any progress in speech or anything and I was discharged. I did not feel pain: I remember not being able to talk, but I did not suffer physically ", relates the affected one. During the long days entered, María Victoria did not stop entrusting herself to Mother Nazaria, as well as all her companions from a distance. They always prayed to her. After eight days of stay at home, Maria Victoria went to the table with her sisters at breakfast time, and in perfect and understandable Spanish, she intoned: "Can you pass me the butter?"

"But Victoria! You can talk! "The companions cried with fervor. "Of course, why would not I do it?" Said the affected, as if nothing had happened during the previous days. Soon, the woman decided to go to a hospital in search of an explanation. "Without doubt, there is not: this has been the work and grace of God," the specialist told him. Two months later, on December 12, he returned to Spain in search of a new opinion on the matter. After more than ten different tests, the doctors valued that "this was too big a work to be believed". "It has been the Lord, there is no other explanation"they repeated. Then, at that moment, María Victoria remembered who she had never stopped having in mind, and asked: "It was him, yes, but it was also the work of my founding mother, because we were looking for a reason to sanctify her. Could you sign this document attesting that I have been cured without the action of any doctor? " That's how it went.

Next Sunday, Pope Francis will raise Mother Nazaria to a much more sacred place than she already is. Daniela says that they were both friends: they witnessed how he became the first bishop to celebrate the sacrament of confirmation of the Villas de la Misericordia, a community of Buenos Aires that founded Nazaria; and he always liked to say "He's stuck a saint in here!" when he came to his house.

But beyond its global importance and the anecdotes that are counted, its impact on street people will always be more determining. When María Victoria cites Madre Nazaria Street, it is inevitable to ask if she made the effort to change her original name for this one. "Of course," he says. "But it was not just me: we decided among all of us and we fought to make it so. What less to give that little tribute for everything he has done, "explains the person on whom the miracle was performed. Although they are not coeval, the fate of both crossed to help each other: Nazaria to save the life of Victoria, and Victoria to boast the memory of Nazaria.


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