July 23, 2021

The Ministry wants to introduce the evaluation of the teaching staff in the school | Society

The Ministry wants to introduce the evaluation of the teaching staff in the school | Society

"We want to change the teaching career," said the Minister of Education and Vocational Training today, Isabel Celaá. His intention is to carry out an "integral" reform of the profession that will include changes in training and the introduction of voluntary evaluation. "The evaluation is necessary to see where the faculty is, "said Celaá, who believes that although" it can not be mandatory ", it will to encourage teachers to get involved in innovation projects. "In the University the evaluation is voluntary and this is how it should be in the school", the minister continued, who has advanced that, unlike what happens in the University, in the case of the school will not be linked to seniority.

The evaluation and preparation of teachers is one of the main aspects of the never resolved teaching statute, the roadmap that began to be negotiated without success in the first legislature of Zapatero and that continues without agreement. "We want to reach an agreement on the teaching profession in this term" and "put it into operation in the next", the minister assured in a meeting with the press.

The ministry celebrates Tuesday for the first time a forum on the teaching profession from which it hopes to draw a "serious diagnosis" of the current situation. At the meeting experts in the field will intervene as the philosopher José Antonio Marina or the professor of the Complutense Álvaro Marchesi, who will make their proposals on the training teachers should have, both initially and permanently. The evaluation of the teaching staff, related to incentives, economic, mobility or others, as occurs in the University or the programs of induction to the teaching practice will be other hot springs to be treated. The meeting, which will be held at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, will also be attended by representatives of the autonomous communities and teachers.

The minister regretted that the future of the teaching profession has been "parked" in recent years and has only heard individual opinions of experts, without being "together" in the same scenario as it will happen now. It has recognized that Finland or Glen they are countries that you like about their educational model and that in them the teacher of a class is related to other teachers. "In recent years se has reduced the cost of permanent training for teachers, "he lamented.

Regarding the revision of the system of the teaching career, Celaá has pointed out issues such as the change of the content of the agendas of the oppositions, which are "anchored in the past". In this regard, he pointed out that PISA has denounced in several of its reports that Spanish education is based on rote contents, and that one must begin to measure competences and practical contents. "Less extension and more depth," he said about the reform of academic programs. "ORAn integrated proposal, that is the work of the Ministry. Institutionally, their proposals have never been accepted. "

The hashtag #YoSoyProfe will be launched so that teachers can participate actively in the forum – this slogan will appear on T-shirts so teachers can express pride in their profession – and they can also do so on a website provided by the Ministry of Education .


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