October 29, 2020

The Ministry of Time: Lorca’s scene in ‘The Ministry of Time’: “I have won, they have not” – La Provincia

TheMinistry of TimeHe has done it again. There are images that speak for themselves, and one of the scenes from the last chapter of the seriesSpanish televisionis a clear example of this.

Had he not been killed during the beginning of theCivil warLorca would have been 81 years old in 1979. In El Ministerio del Tiempo, however, he was able to visit that year keeping his youth.

Julián, one of the agents dedicated to ensuring that nobody alters Spain’s past in fiction and to whom Rodolfo Sancho gives life, takes the poet in the third chapter of the fourth season, entitled ‘Bloody Mary Hour‘.

In one of thesequencesAt the end of the chapter, Julián gives the poet valuable information: “Federico, don’t go back to Granada. They will kill you when the war starts. On August 18, 1936.”

The poet asks him how he knows it and Julián shows it to him with a journey back in time: they both cross one of the doors used in the series to change times and arrive in 1979, where Lorca listens, excited, as Camarón sings his poem La legend of time.

That’s my poem“says the writer upon hearing his verses.”So long after, Spain remembers me. So I won, not them. Let’s leave things as they are“said a Federico García Lorca played by Ángel Ruiz.

The scenehas excited the audience, who has thanked TVE and the series for this detail towards the poet.


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