November 27, 2020

‘The Ministry of time’ leads the nominations of the Iris Awards

‘The Ministry of Time’, with four nominations, is the production that accumulates the most nominations for the 2020 Iris Awards, the awards with which the Academy of Sciences and the Arts of TV crowns the best programs and professionals of Spanish television.

The RTVE series heads the fiction section with four nominations, followed by ‘La casa de papel’ -with three nominations-, and ‘La valla’ (Atresmedia), ‘El Último show’ (Aragón TV), ‘Promesas de arena’ (RTVE), ‘La Unidad’ (Movistar +) and ‘Merlí: Sapere aude’ (Movistar +), which monopolize two candidates each.

‘Amar es para siempre’ (Antena 3), ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’, ‘La casa de papel’, ‘La valla’, ‘Merlí: sapere aude’ and ‘Promesas de arena’ will compete for the award for Best Fiction from the television.

Nominations for Best Actress They are for Ángela Molina for ‘La valla’, Anna Castillo for ‘The Invisible Line’ (Movistar +), Blanca Portillo for ‘Promises of sand’, Emma Suárez for ‘Néboa’ (RTVE), Najwa Nimri for ‘Vis a vis: El oasis’ (FOX) and Nathalie Poza for ‘The unit’.

In the category of Best Actor Jaime Blanch for ‘The Ministry of Time’, Javier Cámara for ‘Vamos Juan’ (TNT), Javier Veiga for ‘Little coincidences’, Miguel Ángel Tirado for ‘The Last Show’, Quim Gutiérrez for ‘El Vecino’ (Netflix) and Salva Reina for ‘Malaka’ (RTVE).

In the realm of non-fiction, the nominees for Best News They are ‘Antena 3 Noticias 1’ (Antena 3), ‘Antena 3 Noticias 2’ (Antena 3), ‘Al rojo vivo’ (laSexta), ‘Lo de Évole especial COVID’ (laSexta), ‘TD2’ (La 1 de TVE) and ‘En portada’ (La 2 de TVE).

Sandra Golpe, in front of ‘Antena 3 Noticias 1’, Carlos Franganillo (‘TD2’ of La 1 de TVE) and Helena Resano (‘Noticias 14.00 h’ of LaSexta) repeat in the category of Best Presenter of News, after their nomination last year, and they will face lñaki Gabilondo (‘Back to being others. The world after the Coronavirus’ from # 0), Vicente Vallés (‘ A3 Noticias 2 ‘from Antena 3) and Susana Guasch (‘ Noticias #Vamos ‘from the #Vamos de Movistar + channel).

The nominees for Best Presenter of Programs with Andreu Buenafuente for ‘Late Motiv’, Jacob Petrus for ‘Aqui la Tierra’ (La 1 de TVE), Cristina Pardo for ‘Liarla Pardo’ (laSexta), David Broncano for ‘La Resistencia’ (# 0 on Movistar +), Michael Robinson for ‘Informe Robinson’ (Canal #Vamos de Movistar +) and Roberto Leal for ‘Pasapalabra’ (Antena 3).

For Best Program they aspire ‘El Hormiguero (Antena 3) -which accumulates a total of four nominations, like ‘Late Motiv’-,’ La Voz Kids’ (Antena 3), ‘Informe Robinson’, ‘Radio Gaga’, ‘Journey to the Center of Tele’ (La 1) and ‘The Island of Temptations’ (Telecinco).

Likewise, this year the most heterogeneous category in terms of type of content is Best Direction, with Andreu Buenafuente for ‘Late Motiv’, Dani de la Torre for ‘The Unit’, Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi for ‘Veneno’ (Atresplayer Premium) , Jon Sistiaga for ‘ETA, el final del silencio’ (# 0 by Movistar +), Pablo Motos and Jorge Salvador for ‘El Hormiguero’ and Ramón Gener for ‘This is art’ (La 2).

Along with the categories that academics will vote on before a notary, this year the “Iris Jury Awards” will be convened again, awarded by a committee of renowned television professionals to reward excellence in the different trades on the small screen.

Further, a group of critics and television commentators will award the season’s highlights with the ‘Iris Critics Award’.

The Academy Council, made up of representatives of the Board of Directors, television channels and rights management entities, will be in charge of choosing the ‘Autonomous Iris Awards’. The same body will award, one more year, the “Jesús Hermida Award for Career 2020”, in recognition of a professional career linked to television.


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