The Ministry of Territorial Policy convenes the parties this Thursday to analyze the anti-transfuguism pact for the Murcia operation

The Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function has summoned the parties that signed the anti-transfuguism pact this Thursday in the Congress of Deputies to analyze what happened in the Murcia Assembly. Citizens requested last week the announcement of this agreement, after the Popular Party reached an agreement with three regional deputies from the formation of Inés Arrimadas to prevent the motion of censure promoted by Ciudadanos and PSOE to unseat the popular from the regional presidency.

The intrahistory of the failed motion of censure in Murcia

The intrahistory of the failed motion of censure in Murcia

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The deputy speaker in the Congress of Deputies, Edmundo Bal, came to assure that the popular they have “a new corruption plot under way.” He also stressed that the PP is maintaining “mafia behavior” by wanting to “buy” people from Ciudadanos. For its part, parliamentary spokesman for the PP in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, pointed out that his formation has “respected” the pact and has stressed that “others have to give explanations” for “breaking” the government agreement signed in 2019 in that region.

The Secretariat of the pact has sent an email this Tuesday to the parties that signed the agreement to summon them to a face-to-face meeting this Thursday at four in the afternoon, according to the sources consulted by In this communication they are also required to submit their written adhesion to the third addendum to the pact, ratified in November 2020 and in which the effects of this commitment are extended to the rest of the administrations (regional and state), since until then it was limited to the municipal scope. In addition, the department responsible for coordinating the pact invites political groups to submit proposals to appoint the commission of independent experts, which also includes the pact.

The agenda for this Thursday’s meeting has four points. The first is the report prepared by the Pact Secretariat on the accessions received. Subsequently, the proposals received for the appointment of the independent experts will be debated and voted on, and thirdly, the complaints of transgression presented to date before the Secretariat of the pact will be examined. a resolution on each one of them “, as it appears in the documentation consulted by this drafting. Finally, it will be the turn of the questions and answers.


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