The Ministry of Social Rights asks the Prosecutor's Office to paralyze the celebration of the Toro de la Vega

The Ministry of Social Rights asks the Prosecutor's Office to paralyze the celebration of the Toro de la Vega

The Ministry of Social Rights has presented this Monday a letter to the Prosecutor's Office so that it establishes precautionary measures that prevent the celebration of the Toro de la Vega tournament in Tordesillas (Valladolid), scheduled for next Tuesday, September 13. The text, signed by Sergio G. Torres, general director of Animal Rights, considers that this event "could lead to a crime of animal abuse" and, therefore, they request the Environment and Urbanism Chamber of the Ministry Audience acting.

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The event is resumed after the stoppage of the pandemic with a new regulation that does not allow the death of the animal on the ground. Even so, the bull will suffer damage, since this modification establishes "the imposition of a currency with a new punch that prevents blood to the outside", as explained by the Junta de Castilla y León. In addition, the limitation of the number of tournents "to fifty" and "the number of currencies that can be placed to seven" is contemplated. Likewise, "the winner" will be the participant who manages to place "the badge on the bull's back, between the neck and the brazuelo".

In the brief presented to the Prosecutor's Office, Torres highlights that the mast of the spear authorized for the new edition of the Toro de la Vega may not exceed 2.8 meters and the sharp element will have a maximum length of 30 millimeters and a width of 16 millimeters. Taking these measures into account, he concludes that these “harpoons” violate the regional regulations of bullfighting shows. This regulation regulates that "in all" events with bullfighting cattle "it is prohibited to injure, prick and hit" these animals.

They denounce that the regulations are being "cheated"

After presenting the brief, the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, Lilith Verstrynge, has indicated that in order to authorize the celebration of this event, the regional and municipal administration "is trying to cheat and shape" the regional regulations that regulate bullfighting shows. “We believe that it is a celebration that should not be celebrated in the 21st century,” she pointed out. This request has also been transferred to the Junta de Castilla y León, which "for the moment" has not responded to the Ministry's request, according to Verstrynge.

"We want precautionary measures to be taken and for the Toro de la Vega in Tordesillas to be paralyzed, because we believe that it is a case of extreme gravity and animal abuse that cannot continue to occur."

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To request precautionary measures, the general director of Animal Rights explains to the Prosecutor's Office that the association of veterinarians AVATMA warns about the risks of using foreign currency. Among the threats warned, they point out that its use "can affect the thoracic area of ​​the animal", it can even "pierce the muscular wall that covers its thorax and cause what is known as pneumothorax". Along the same lines, Verstrynge has indicated that the spears "generate wounds of up to twelve centimeters in the animal."

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