The Ministry of Culture last intervene the SGAE

The Ministry of Culture last intervene the SGAE

The Minister of Culture and Sports, José Guirao, has assured that he expects that in two weeks his department will take a decision on possible intervention by the SGAE, although he has clarified that this deadline is not fixed and "depends on many factors". "We have been working on this since before December 27 and I believe that in two weeks we will be able to make a decision in one direction or another -intervention or withdrawal of license-. The solution of doing so is not taken into account, because they were already given an opportunity ", said Guirao during the presentation at the Instituto Cervantes of the culture budget for abroad.

In this sense, the minister has indicated that he received the new board of directors of the SGAE the day after his election and then he did not have "clear that they wanted to fix all the problems, but their problems". "I asked them about the appeal they had filed against the Culture requirement and they replied that it depended on what the legal counsel said. So I answered the same regarding the requirement, that we would consult with our advice, "he said.

The Minister of Culture has indicated that, since the new statutes of the SGAE did not go forward in the last assembly -one of the requirements of the ministry-, "decisions must be made". And the two scenarios that Culture contemplates today are those of the intervention of the entity or the withdrawal of license. "The most normal thing would be to request the intervention for specific problems to the judge, but you can extend the effectiveness of this measure because having to go through the courts we could go to a year. Then there is another that we like less, which is to remove the license more immediately, but it is more traumatic, "the minister clarified. In any case, he reiterated that it is necessary "to fix the problems in the shortest possible time. We get letters every day as if we could solve all their problems, but this crisis is against them and are themselves who are inflicting this damage, "he lamented.

Guirao has also left the door open to another solution with the board of directors: "If there is a clear, forceful writing and with specific deadlines, I say something else, we would sit down again. Show good mood, but you have to transfer that willingness to do it, not only through the media, "he said.


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