The Ministry of Culture announces a new impulse to approve the Law of Patronage

The Ministry of Culture announces a new impulse to approve the Law of Patronage

There is always a recurring theme when talking with cultural managers and directors of museums or theaters: the Law of Patronage. «It's about time I arrived», they usually claim with more or less nuances. Well, without coming to anything clear, from today, the object of desire of much of the world of culture is something closer.

This was confirmed by the Director General of Cultural Industries and Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, Adriana Moscoso, this Thursday in Barcelona, ​​stating that her department has resumed work to approve the new law before the legislature ends: «The patronage is one of the central axes of our cultural policy and, hence, that we are the first interested in seeing the project as soon as possible. "

Moscoso, who opened a day of Cultural Heritage and Patronage in the Macba auditorium, recalled that the government approved in September a technical commission formed by the Ministries of Culture and Finance for the study of this norm that had not been met "in the last seven years ». Even so, the ministry can not yet advance a date on the arrival of the Patronage Law to Congress.

In the absence of a study of the impact of possible fiscal incentives on tax collection by the Treasury, for Moscoso it is interesting that this law "puts the focus on the figure of the patron and extends to society the message that anyone can be a patron, regardless of their purchasing power, "he told Efe. "The final goal is that the donations are contemplated positively by the public", among which are 3.1 million patrons, according to the latest results of the Tax Agency.


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