The Ministries of Health and Science make a first list of 73 pseudotherapies - La Provincia

The Ministries of Health and Science make a first list of 73 pseudotherapies - La Provincia

The Ministry of Health, Consumption and Welfare and the Ministry of Science have already prepared a first list with 73 pseudotherapies who have not demonstrated "no intent" of scientific evidence.

This was announced on Thursday by the Minister of Health, María Luisa Carcedo, and the Minister of Science, Pedro Duque, during the presentation of the campaign '#CoNtest', an initiative that will transfer to the citizenship "truthful and accessible" information on pseudotherapies and pseudosciences.

In this sense, the ministers have reported that of the 139 techniques that are being evaluated, 73 have already been directly discarded because they do not have any randomized clinical trials, systematic reviews or meta-analyzes on their efficacy or safety, so they can be classified as pseudotherapies.

Some of those that have been discarded are the colon hydrotherapy, fruit therapy, grafotherapy or Tibetan massage, although the remaining 66, among which is the homeopathy, acupuncture or aromatherapy, among others, they are currently in the process of being evaluated by the Spanish Network of Technology and Services Assessment Agencies of the National Health System (REDETS).

"We have no desire to prohibit anything, but to provide information to the public to make correct decisions," said Minister Duque, who has avoided talking about therapies and has ironically described them as "things".

However, for now and until a Royal Decree that modifies the regulations on health advertising and health centers is approved, the places where these therapies are carried out will continue to have the sign "health center". "The Royal Decree will take time, we will try to get there, because the world does not end with the general elections," said Carcedo.

The report of the list is framed within the Health Protection Plan against Pseudotherapies, presented by both ministers last November and which, as recalled Carcedo, aims to generate, disseminate and provide information based on knowledge and scientific evidence "more updated and robust" pseudotherapies, from of the works developed by REDETS.

"The problem is not therapies that have no effect, but when certain substances or treatments lead to the abandonment of others that have demonstrated scientific evidence of their efficacy, or when they reduce the effects of evidence-based therapies," Carcedo has argued. , after remembering that at the moment in which they have evidence of some of these treatments that put health at risk, they put it directly in the Public Prosecutor's Office so that it adopts the legal measures it deems appropriate.

Techniques considered pre-intro-therapy

Specific, The techniques that have already been qualified as pseudo therapies are: somatoemocional analysis, transactional analysis, angels of Atlantis, harmonics, arolo tifar, ataraxia, aura soma, biocybernetics, breema, energy surgery, transformational coaching, systematic constellations, quartz crystals, chromopuncture, quartz bowls, Tibetan bowls, diafreotherapy, tuning forks, acupressure, marine essences, spinology, fasciotherapy, feng shui, dawn flowers, fruit therapy, gem therapy, geobiology, geocromotherapy, geotherapy, grafotherapy, colon hydrotherapy, ericksonian hypnosis and homeosynthesis.

As well: iridology, lama-fera, babandi massage, californian massage, massage in the energy of the chakras, metamorphic massage, tibetan massage, anthroposophic medicine, Mapuche medicine, orthomolecular medicine, metal therapy, Kidoc body orientation method, Grinberg method, numerology, oligotherapy, urine therapy, biocatalytic oxygenation, hot stones, vastu pyramid, marine plasma and posturology.

Complete the list of pseudotherapies: pranotherapy, psychohomeopathy, psychic healing, quinton, radiostesia, rebirthing, core synchronization, sofronization, sotai, tantra, phosphenic technique, metamorphic technique, nimmo massage technique, bioenergetic therapy, biomagnetic therapy, cell memory renewal therapy (cmrt), therapy California floral, orchid flower therapy, regressive therapy.

Therapies in evaluation

On the other hand, the therapies that are Still being analyzed are: abrazotherapy, acupressure, acupuncture, aromatherapy, art therapy, auriculotherapy, ayurveda, biodanza, horse therapy or hippotherapy, Chi-Kung or Qi-Gong, family constellations, chromotherapy, crudivorismo, manual lymphatic drainage, naturist nursing, herbal medicine, Gestalt, hydrotherapy, natural hypnosis , homeopathy, kinesiology, kundalini yoga, lymphodrainage, luminotherapy, macrobiotics, magnetotherapy, Ayurvedic massage, deep structural massage, Thai massage, naturopathic medicine, Chinese natural medicine and meditation.

Moxibustion, music therapy, naturopathy, osteopathy, panchakarma, pilates, neurolinguistic programming, integrative psychotherapy, chiropractic, chiropractic, foot reflexology or reflexology, reiki, integrative conscious breathing, laughter therapy, active spiritual healing, seitai, shiatsu or namikoshi shiatsu, sonotherapy, tai chi and the Alexander technique.

Emotional release techniques, relaxation techniques, craniosacral therapy, polarity therapy, bach flower therapy, Bush floral therapy, herbal therapy, humoral therapy, nutritional therapy, vacuum therapy, visualization, polarity yoga, yoga and zero balancing, they are others that are under review.

Campaign '#CoNprueba'

On the other hand, Carcedo has announced that the website '' has been enabled in which all the contents related to the actions of the Government will be housed in front of the pseudosciences and pseudotherapies.

In addition, throughout the year scientific scientific actions aimed at promoting critical and rational thinking will be announced; At the same time, training materials will be distributed so that high school students know how the scientific method works and understand key concepts such as 'placebo effect', 'control group' or the difference between correlation and chance.

"We are facing a boom of obscuring the real information and we have the responsibility to help citizens to have reliable sources to go", stressed the Minister of Science, to insist that the intention of the Government "is not restrict the free decisions of people, but give them tools to make the right decisions. "

Also, the campaign has a media advertising plan which invites reflection on critical and rational thinking, both in the field of pseudoscience and that of pseudotherapies.

The motto chosen to give unity to the campaign, '#CoNprueba', aims to draw attention to the importance of checking the information that is disseminated and of being "critical" with the messages that arrive, from therapies without scientific evidence to "supposed theories based on false facts. "


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