March 6, 2021

The Minister of the Interior insists that Spain "applies the rule of law" in the matter of ETA prisoners

Grande-Marlaska made these statements after meeting this Thursday in Hendaye (France) with its French counterpart, Christophe Castaner, to advance in the preparation and coordination of security and logistics issues around the celebration of the Summit of the member countries of the G7

To questions from journalists about the progress of the French state in terms of prisoners and "in the resolution of the conflict," he stressed that he knows "no Basque political conflict" and has insisted that he has only known "a terrorist organization, ETA , which has been defeated by the rule of law ", while highlighting the collaboration between the French and Spanish authorities in this matter.

Also, asked by the historical leader of ETA José Antonio Urrutikoetxea, 'Josu Ternera', recalled that "there is a legal claim by the Spanish judicial authorities." "We wait for what happens and what happens in the corresponding procedures," he said.


On the other hand, in relation to irregular immigration, the acting Minister of the Interior has highlighted the importance of cooperation with France in this matter and within the framework established by the European Union.

In his opinion, migration "is a challenge that has come to stay due to very complex circumstances". For this reason, he has advocated "fighting against irregular immigration, against the mafia networks that traffic with migrants, putting their lives at risk, which we are doing in an effective way."

In this way, it has defended the need to "necessarily cooperate in the development of the countries of origin and transit of migrants, where we really have to anticipate, advance borders, that is, avoid the reasons why many migrants put their lives, because of the socioeconomic circumstances in which they live ".

"I like to talk about the fact that there is no so-called effect, but an effect of flight due to the economic and social situation of the countries of origin, apart from fighting the mafias and moving towards a legal, safe and orderly migration, which we must do is an effective cooperation as we are doing with the countries of origin and transit and also that important cooperation with a country like Morocco that is making important efforts in this area, "he said.

Asked about the "hot returns" on the border of Irun, Grande-Marlaska recalled that there is a readmission agreement of 2002 that is being applied. In that sense, it has pointed out that in some occasion there may be "a contingent, transitory, momentary dysfunction". "In the best relations are given, as are ours, and of course I have no complaint about it, but quite the opposite," he concluded.

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