June 24, 2021

The Minister of Public Function speaks with unions to confirm the salary increase

The Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function, Carolina Darias, has established contact, after assuming her position, with some of the unions representing the public function to reiterate the Government’s commitment to increase the salary of civil servants by 2% to the highest as soon as possible, Moncloa sources said.

They also indicated that this salary increase – which will be perceived by the more than 2.5 million public employees – will be retroactive from January 1, 2020

Prior to the inauguration of the new executive members, last Monday, and of the first Council of Ministers (January 15), several trade union centrals requested by letter to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, that said rise, said Moncloa sources.

The letters were answered on behalf of the president by his cabinet director, along the lines set by the government and the ministry.

The same sources have said that this rise, “shortly and with retroactive effect,” has been reiterated today in its first contacts with the centrals by Darias, a Canarian socialist.

Last week the Independent Trade Union and Officials Central (CSIF), the majority union of the officials, asked Darias to promote, from the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function, the reforms that, in his opinion, need the Public Administrations.

That union said then that it expected the ministry to address a plan of clash on staff, since in the next ten years 905,000 people are going to retire, and a new agreement for the improvement of public employment and compensation, since the current one expires this year.


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