Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

The Minister of Health rejects that a complaint by the Catalan end in threats

The Catalan Minister of Health, Alba Vergés, reiterated this Thursday in the Parliament of Catalonia that "it is not acceptable" that a complaint about the use of Catalan by a doctor, which is being studied, "translates into threats to healthcare professionals.

Vergés has thus answered in the Parliament the question of the deputy of the PSC, Assumpta Escarp, on this issue, which has caused controversy in Barcelona and also on social networks.

Without naming the case, the consellera has referred to a doctor who is doing her medical residency at the Les Corts outpatient clinic in Barcelona, ​​which was denounced by a mother who complained that she did not understand her daughter, disabled, because she He only speaks in Catalan and the doctor only understands Spanish and English.

The case was collected by the Platform per la Llengua, an NGO that is dedicated to defending the use of Catalan, which last Monday issued a statement informing that it had received about twenty complaints from users of Catalan public health that They were not treated in the native language because doctors only spoke Spanish.

After the public complaint, a group of people harassed the doctor and reproached him for not attending to his patients in Catalan, and also criticized that behavior before the director of the medical center.

The Minister has indicated that this case is being studied but has warned: "It is incompatible that the complaint (for Catalan) can become insults and threats to our professionals."

The Platform for La Llengua reported yesterday, Wednesday, that so far this year it has received more than twenty complaints from users of Catalan public health who were not treated in the native language because doctors only spoke Spanish.

Faced with the controversy raised, the Department of Health published yesterday a statement in which it was informed that, "as indicated by Law 1/1998, of January 7, on language policy, the Department of Health is responsible for ensuring that Catalan is the vehicular language "in the entire Catalan healthcare system.

He also states that it facilitates health professionals knowledge of the Catalan language and offers information and a free Catalan course for students from outside Catalonia who come to make their residence.

"Despite these efforts, there may be isolated cases that are analyzed and we are looking for solutions. In this regard, we periodically monitor the Platform for Language to detect and resolve these cases," said Health.

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