January 21, 2021

The Minister of Health does not contemplate massive sources of COVID19 as in Italy but does not rule it out

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, said Friday that he does not contemplate for the moment that in Spain a situation similar to that of Italy develops in relation to the expansion of the coronavirus, but he added that you can not rule out scenarios of greater number of infections .

Upon arrival at an extraordinary Health Council in Brussels, where European ministers of the branch will discuss the progress of this virus and the coordination of containment and response measures, Illa said that Spain is “prepared to deal with” scenarios such as Italian, but said that this situation does not occur at the moment.

“We are not currently contemplating this scenario in Spain but we cannot rule it out either,” said the minister, asked if “other Italies” could emerge in the rest of Europe.

In this country, the virus has infected more than 3,000 people and caused the death of at least 148, much higher figures than in other European countries.

Illa insisted that Spain is “in a phase of containment” and said that, except for a score, it is known how all cases of the virus in the country have been infected, which are already rising to more than 300 with four deaths.

“If what has to be done is done, we are still in a containment phase in Spain. Can other scenarios be ruled out? Well, no, (but) we are prepared to face them. But they are not scenarios that occur today. Yes Unfortunately, we will take the necessary measures, “said the minister.

Illa urged again “not to fall into alarmism” and stressed the need to coordinate at European level the response and alert mechanisms and the joint purchase of medicines even when the spread of the virus is different in each country.

“We are in favor of putting in place mechanisms of joint purchase to be able to guarantee that there is a sufficient supply of material and is available where it is most needed,” he explained, while recalling that “in Spain it is not necessary to wear a mask on the street” .

In addition, he appealed to make a “rational” use of medicines and medical supplies and warned that “if things do not get worse.”

“In the case of Spain, at this time, the necessary material is available where it has to be available. Resources are guaranteed,” he said.


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