April 14, 2021

The Minister of Education presents an app that allows to request places in the centers – La Provincia

The Minister of Education presents an app that allows to request places in the centers - La Provincia

The Minister of Education and Universities of Government of the Canary Islands, Soledad Monzón, has presented this morning a new application for mobile devices, called Brush Students and Families, which allows access to various open procedures such as the admission process in schools that will start next Friday, February 8, and conclude the March 1st. During the event, Monzón was accompanied by the director of the Canarian Agency for University Quality and Educational Evaluation (Accuee) and the Innovation Service, Teresa Acosta.

Since previous courses, the Ministry of Education and Universities offered the possibility of generating applications for admission via on-line. In this sense, it has continued to work on incorporating improvements in order to promote the telematic procedure and facilitate access to users. Thus, for the next course, the admission procedure in this way will simplify the administrative procedure.

This tool, which was presented in days past to the Confederation of Associations of Parents of Students of the Canary Islands (Confapa) and to the directors of the educational centers, it is framed within the Technological Modernization Plan that the autonomous body is developing and that, among its strategic lines, includes the simplification of communications and access to the management applications of the teaching centers, as well as the electronic management of the centralized file of the students, in order to simplify the administrative procedures.

For her part, the councilor wanted to emphasize that "we have been working throughout the entire legislature with the aim of opening new communication channels with the educational community, making available the necessary channels and tools that allow us to approach each time plus the Administration and the educational centers to the families and the students ".

He also clarified that, "bearing in mind that this type of applications for mobile devices are increasingly integrated into our daily lives and given the success of the App of the teacher that we presented last year, framed in the Professional Development Plan and Social Teachers, which already has 12,000 users and a very positive balance, we have now wanted to present an application aimed at our students, as well as their families.

This new initiative, added Monzón, "comes to complement other developments that we have been incorporating into our Family and Educational Participation Program, such as, for example, the 'en_familia' platform that we also present the past year and that contributes to continue promoting permanent communication with all the agents involved in the educational field ".

The new one App mobile for students and families allows, on the one hand, that students can see their registration data, grades, faults, notes, class schedule, etc., from your phone and, on the other hand, that mothers, fathers and legal guardians can access the academic data of their sons and daughters.

In addition, students or their tutors have access to a personal tray of messages that come through the Ekade Web Brush program used by the Ministry of Education and Universities to manage student data, as well as public information channels of the students. educational centers and of the own Counseling, to which they will have access if they subscribe. They will also have a notification box that shows the personal notifications sent to the application from the educational centers.


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