The Minister of Culture condemns the threats to 'Mongolia' and the imputation of Dani Mateo | Culture

The Minister of Culture condemns the threats to 'Mongolia' and the imputation of Dani Mateo | Culture

A canceled humor show three weeks ago in Valencia and a second about to be for insults, ads of escrache and alleged threats from right-wing groups that the police are investigating. "I think it's a horror that they have to be annulled because of an ideological issue, we have to preserve the space of humor and creation and we can not tolerate threats," Culture Minister Jose Guirao defended this Saturday during his visit to Valencia.

The hall Rambleta de Valencia, theater of private management and public ownership, canceled yesterday for a few hours the functions scheduled for today and tomorrow of the satirical show Mongolia on ice for the insults and threats of boycott of right-wing groups. The political pressure and the commitment of the Government Delegation in the Valencian Community to ensure security inside and outside the theater meant that by mid-afternoon, the company that manages this cultural space announced that the two Mongolian functions would be held as planned.

"Now that we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Constitution, if something protects the Magna Carta is freedom of thought, freedom of opinion, freedom of creation, and threats, wherever they come from, this time it seems that groups Right-wingers, you do not have to accept them, so I am glad that on this occasion you have agreed not to suspend the performance, and I regret that you had to suspend the previous[referringto[enalusiónalShow starring comedian Dani Mateo]", has added.

Guirao says that freedom must be defended "against all odds and wait and not be repeated". "For that," he added, "it is important that society, not just the Administration, express its rejection of this type of intolerable threats in a democratic country."

Of the judicial imputation of humorist Dani Mateo for blowing his nose with the flag of Spain in a sketch of the program The intermediate, Guirao has said that it seems wrong. "This comes from the gag law. The terrain of humor must be respected; humor exists because it is an anthropological necessity, it exists since we have historical awareness, from the comedies of Plautus and others, "the minister added.

The show We will never forget youstarring the actor Dani Mateo with two other comedians and was canceled in Valencia for the threats denounced by the Olympia Theater , the private room where it was going to be performed, will finally be presented on February 9 at the Palau de la Música in Valencia. The group of Spain 2000 condemned by social networks and announced escraches against the show, before which the theatrical room opted to cancel the functions of the show scheduled for the end of November.

The Minister of Culture has called for sanity: "Humor is a territory that is allowed, in a consensual manner by all society, licenses that we do not allow in other territories. What happens in the field of humor must be framed in that territory and accept it that way. One of its benefits, very healthy, is the ability to laugh at oneself, at the society in which we live, at topics, so its imputation seems bad to me ".


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