The Minister of Culture affirms that the Government will not suppress the bulls | Culture

The Minister of Culture affirms that the Government will not suppress the bulls | Culture

"The Government is not going to suppress the bulls," said the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Guirao, in the session of control of the Government in the Congress of Deputies held last Wednesday. "The suppression of something regulated is done through the proposal of the parliamentary groups or at the initiative of the Government in the Cortes Generales and in no case is it in our forecasts to bring that here," he stressed.

"Bullfighting is a tradition and traditions are not prohibited by decree, but neither are they imposed by decree," he added.

The person in charge of the Culture and Sport portfolio defended that "the opinion that many Spaniards have in favor of the bullfighting is as respectable as the one that the anti-bullfighting people have in defense of the animals. They are all Spaniards and all opinions are respectable. "

"Why in the DNA of the right is to impose something that everyone has to assume as a tradition? Why do not you let everyone have the opinion they want to have? It is about respecting them, "insisted José Guirao.

Regarding the question made by the Popular deputy, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo (Do you agree with the statements of the Minister for the Ecological Transition on the suppression of the bulls?), José Guirao replied that the minister "made those statements to personal title ", that she" made it very clear that her ministry does not have jurisdiction over bullfighting and that in no case was she speaking on behalf of the Government ". Guirao asked Méndez de Vigo: "Have we become so intolerant that we can not discern between personal opinions and Government projects and actions?"

The Ministry of Culture and Sports is the one that has the governmental competences on bullfighting. Law 18/2013 instructs the public authorities, specifically this department, "to guarantee the conservation and promotion of bullfighting as cultural heritage of all Spaniards, as well as to protect the right of everyone to their knowledge, access and free exercise in its different manifestations. "


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