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The minimum services and canceled trains

Huelga en Renfe: Los servicios mínimos y trenes cancelados por el paro de este miércoles

The strike of the workers of Renfe Y Adif of this Wednesday, October 31 will affect thousands of passengers with cancellations and the establishment of minimum services. The call of the union CGT coincides fully with the start of the 'exit operation' of the bridge All Saints. The strike is aimed at pressing the public company for a salary improvement and a 37.5 hour day.

The minimum services in Rodalies will be this Wednesday of 33% during most of the day, except in two intervals between 6:00 and 9:30 and between 17:00 and 20:30, when the minimum services will amount up to 66%. In this way, the strike will last until 11pm at night.

In Surroundings, the percentage ranges from 75% in rush hour to 50% during the rest of the day.

The schedules can be consulted on the web, the app or by phone

On the other hand, Renfe Y Adif ensure a 78% service in the services of Long
Conventional and of high
Speed during today's day, while in Avant the figure will be 65%.

Anyway, travelers can consult the minimum services through the Cercanías website, the mobile applications of both companies or through the following telephone: 900 41 00 41.

In addition, long distance customers who already had a ticket for today acquired in advance may request the change or refund of the same without any additional cost. For AVE and long distance travelers, as well as medium distance, affected by suppressed services, they will be offered, "whenever possible", to travel on another train at the time closest to the one acquired.

Stock image of a strike in Renfe

Stock image of a strike in Renfe
(Xavier Cervera)

Strike in Renfe

Almost 300 trains canceled

To diminish the effect of the strike, Renfe suppressed last Monday the circulation of 295 trains of passengers. In the nucleus of Cercanías there are around 3,500 trains on working days that carry 1.1 million passengers, 90,489 of them in Madrid.

As for the AVE and long distance, of the 401 trains, 87 are eliminated and will circulate in minimum services 314, which is 78% of the usual number.

In middle distance, 208 trains are canceled and 381 of a total of 589 programmed will be flown normally, representing 65% of the usual services.

This new strike adds to the one that the union called in Renfe on July 27 and forced the operator to cancel 161 trains.

The full list of damages can be consulted in this document.

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