The minimum Bulgarian salary increases today by 9.8%, to 280 euros

The minimum Bulgarian salary increases today by 9.8%, to 280 euros

The minimum monthly salary of Bulgaria rises by 9.8%, to 280 euros, when the corresponding decision adopted in December by the coalition of conservatives and ultranationalists that governs the Balkan country, the poorest in the European Union.

The increase of 510 to 560 levies (from 255 to 280 euros) of the minimum wage is part of a package of measures that the Prime Minister's executive, the populist Boiko Borisov, approved with the argument that the economy is going well and unemployment is going down.

The unemployment rate stood at 6% in November, the lowest level in the last ten years.

The package of measures approved includes increases in the remuneration of public employees -20% for teachers in schools and 10% for administration officials- and retirement benefits-5.7%, up to 110 euros, starting July 1 -, as well as new aid for people with disabilities.

The Government, which has announced plans to gradually raise the minimum wage to the equivalent of 325 euros in 2021, has at the same time given the green light to other unpopular measures, which in part have unleashed citizen protests.

These include increases in taxes on cars in circulation, prices of water and natural gas, as well as the elevation in two months of the minimum age for retirement, up to 64 years and 2 months for men, and even 61 years and 4 months for women.


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