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Those of José Manuel García Adam They were not the milkmaid's accounts. According to the court, this pimp that the Operation Carioca pulled out of darkness had, like so many others, its clandestine businesses tied and well tied with his law of "terror". And he did not run the risk of breaking his pitcher against the ground, because the container was supposedly armored by representatives of all police forces who received compensation in cash and in kind. That was the case until, in 2009, the plot that Adam made in Lugo "fell Medium Criminal Code above, without possible defense, "as the lawyer of one of the main defendants declared to this newspaper. And now that the instruction has come to an end, of the several hundred women who testified, some have managed to rebuild their lives or keep trying (trapped in training courses or junk contracts) outside the brothels Others, with 10 years but still young, as customers demand, remain trapped in prostitution in Spain.

In one of the 50 pieces in which it ended up divided the cause, investigators of the Tax Agency and the Civil Guard under the orders of the Judge Pilar de Lara They have carried out the first economic analysis of a pimping business in the country. The study brings out the black money that flows daily, for thousands of euros, in a brothel in a small city frequented by businessmen who pay cash for not leaving a mark on their credit cards. It also uncovers the alleged ruses of the owner to keep victims of trafficking subject while paying their debts, to which they impose fines for being ill or for the duration of their rules. All these gains from illegal activity are allegedly metamorphosed into brick and "high-end" cars, the vast majority of second-hand, for laundering.

The researchers conclude that, mainly in the years for which they have data (2006, 2008 and 2009), the network woven by José Manuel García Adán through the clubs that he ran, Queen's and La Colina, obtained gains of more than 3 , 6 million euros. This amount is just a grain of sand of that 0.35% of the GDP that the INE estimates that prostitution monopolizes in Spain, the third country in the world in consumption, with more than 1,600 brothels (according to calculations of the National Police), offering Tens of thousands of women daily.

Adam is transferred to the courts of Lugo after his arrest.

Adam is transferred to the courts of Lugo after his arrest.

The organization led by Adam, currently in prison for crimes of sexist violence against his ex-wife, obtained a "benefit penguin" taking advantage of the "special circumstances of precariousness" of a "very high number of foreign women," says the magistrate in the order transformation of the laundering proceedings into an abbreviated procedure for your trial. More than fifty victims, according to De Lara, made up the tasting menu that Adam's clubs - registered in the Tax Agency as "special category bars" and "other cafes and bars" - usually offered to their clients, at a working time between 12 and 14 hours per day.

With this car on the round business of Adam's brothels, the magistrate leaves practically closed a decade of work in the Carioca case Now that he has just been removed from his place in Lugo by the General Council of the Judiciary. The governing body of the judges agreed to punish her last Thursday for alleged "unjustified delays" in the instruction of her macrocauses against corruption in Galicia (Carioca, Pokémon, Garañón, Octopus or Condor).

Record the payments made by a woman to settle her debt to Adam.

Record the payments made by a woman to settle her debt to Adam.

The judge recalls that the victims of the network were "enormously vulnerable" young people, mostly Latin American and especially Brazilians, many with families in their care in America, who prostituted themselves in "extremely burdensome conditions" induced by "different coercive mechanisms" . Among these methods that chained them, the summary includes the alleged Adam's threats, even death; the constant presence of uniformed agents drinking glasses and in the beds; its irregular situation in the country; and debts contracted with the boss. These commitments were due to loans that were requested; the fines he imposed on them if they got sick, behaved "badly", arrived late or were missing their job; and especially to what is owed for the trip to Spain (from 3,000 to 4,000 euros), which they had to pay working.

Testaferros and police friends

With successive frontmen, through a real estate company supposedly created as an interposed company and also using his wife's name to not appear, Adam rented the properties where he established the businesses of his brothels. The most important, the Queen's, next to the Lugo industrial estate, celebrated its inauguration party on September 2, 2002, and then with the presence of police friends. The renovation of a house that had once been a cheese factory was carried out by a builder who, as he stated, did not receive more than a small part of the cost and, according to Derara's suspicion, continued to be charged for "services "owed.

José Manuel Pulleiro, in charge of the La Colina brothel, after his arrest.

José Manuel Pulleiro, in charge of the La Colina brothel, after his arrest.

The premises of Adam, the instructor recalls, were "frequented by entrepreneurs and people of high purchasing power who even captured women to organize the calls white parties, of cocaine and sex, in some sports society in the city, in whose cafeteria they ended up working as waitresses without a contract or high in Social Security. ”Adam and his managers controlled the performance of each young person through A3-size stalls where they appeared with their "artistic" names.

According to the investigation, the organization was left with 10 euros for each of the first three "passes" (half an hour of sex in the room, whose rate was 43 euros) plus 12 euros that charged daily for accommodation even at those who did not sleep in brothels. In addition, they subtracted the "fertilizers", a variable amount that he himself decided for the debt of the traffic of women; along with possible fines and a special rate for departures with customers outside the premises (60 euros).

States with which women 's sexual activity was controlled and their earnings in Adam's clubs.

States with which women 's sexual activity was controlled and their earnings in Adam's clubs.

The sale of other items such as disposable "sheets", "lubricant" or "preservatives", but not the income obtained through another crime for which Adam is charged, the sale of drugs in brothels also appeared in the states. The night that Operation Carioca broke out, there were more than 12,000 euros in the clubs and 29,500 in the boss's home. This is all that the Civil Guard could find in banknotes, in addition to another 79,950 euros that the leader kept in a BBVA safe deposit box, money that is deposited without the need to record the figure. According to Customs, "while, in part, the activity of hostess and hostels (that is, the cups) would be declared to the Tax Agency, that of prostitution would not be." Supposedly, the judge points out, only "payments of customers with Visa" who were not especially jealous of their "anonymity."

All this money flow Adam did not enter in his bank accounts, where only the payments of the customers who used the card were reflected. It was, explains the car, a continuous river of capital "not declared fiscally" by a pimp who, according to witnesses in the case, claimed to earn "about 6,000 euros a week." Enough to "lead a high standard of living" and buy new properties in cash without having to withdraw cash from your bank accounts. Before his arrest at the end of 2009, Adam planned to expand his company: he was negotiating the acquisition of another brothel near Portugal, this time specializing in "Romanian and Eastern European women."

A "regime of authentic slavery"

"Women worked in true slavery regime" after arriving in Spain through airports such as Barajas, where there was supposedly a national police buddy. The mafia had the participation of several employees of two tourism agencies in Goiana (Brazil) that were in charge of "reviewing the quality of the commodity", describes the judge in reference to women." There they supervised their physical characteristics, "he continues in the last car" as a prerequisite to authorize the trip. And they were given directions to cross border controls “as“ tourists. ”One of the contacts that managed the trips from Brazil received 89,682 euros in 84 shipments from the Lucense network.

The volume of business recognized by the firm that ultimately created the brain of Carioca, Adam Sloga, SLU, was far from reality. For the purposes of VAT and corporate tax, in 2008 it declared 128,807 euros and in 2009, 239,055. But the amount of earnings in black that the agents of the Customs Surveillance Service have been able to prove that the dreaded pimp treasured are more than 3.6 million. The figure is the result of the sum of their investments in brick and automobiles over the years, the money seized and the balance of "handwritten notes on sheets, pieces of paper, receipts or tickets" and the accounting books with which women were controlled, who are not complete and are not every year. The head of the Court of Instruction 1 of Lugo suspects that the true amount is much higher.

Between March and May 2007, with no other known income than those reported by prostitution and without taking anything from the bank, Adam acquired three properties for more than 200,000 euros and in March 2009, another floor, a storage room and a garage . He also bought 11 vehicles, and the judge notes that he allegedly lent constant money to his faithful manager, José Manuel Pulleiro, to buy the house, an Audi and a BMW. Officially, according to the court order, this employee had a payroll of 799.55 euros.

Women barely left clubs "for fear of being expelled from Spain"

"In the event that the women had the menstrual period, in addition to notifying, they could only rest for one to three days, depending on the whimsical decision of the owner or manager, and regardless of the duration of their menstruations, since in another In this case, they had to pay 43 euros even if they did not work, "according to Judge Pilar de Lara, the brothel laws. In some cases, "They were forced to prove they had the rule" and if they did not go to work "they were also fined", without "right to rest".

The sanctions were "20, 30 and up to 60 euros", which "conditioned the will of women when prostitution", despite "being sick or exhausted." In addition, the judge continues in the last car, the girls barely left "for fear of being arrested and expelled from Spain", so "the club had a service of selling clothes and laundry" and "some collaborators of Adam also gave them they sold jewelry. "

Operation Carioca constitutes the largest judicial investigation against the pimping mafias in Spain: as a whole it has 274 volumes and 36 only of transcriptions of telephone punctures. The people who arrive charged at the end of the investigation, after the prosecution exonerated a good number and prescribed the facts for others investigated, are for 25 types of crimes.

Among the facts investigated by Carioca are trafficking in persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation, illicit association, crimes against workers' rights, drug trafficking, illegal possession of weapons, non-consensual abortion crimes, threats, extortion, aggression and sexual abuse and injuries. Also others referred to officials such as bribery, influence peddling, request for sexual favors by public employees, prevarication, disclosure of secrets, omission of the duty to prosecute crimes, documentary falsification and prohibited negotiation. A third group is occupied by crimes against public finances and money laundering.

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