Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The millionaire performance of Madonna in Eurovision

The millionaire performance of Madonna in Eurovision

Next May 18,Tel Aviv will dress upto host the Eurovision celebration, one of the most anticipated music festivals of the year. While the countries participating in the competition choose their representatives and the songs they will sing, the capital of Israel has already reported a star performance in the expected gala:Madonna.

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The pop diva will be one of those in charge ofliven up the show,something that according to the Israeli newspaper 'Hayom' will not be anything cheap. And is that the singer of 60 yearswill perform two songsduring the festival intermission for the modest amount of1 million euros.

As detailed in the local newspaper,it has not been a simple negotiationdue to the choice of the songs that Madonna wanted to interpret, which would have a political content. On the other hand, the remuneration of the artist is so high thatIsraeli public television could not afford it. For this reason, the billionaireSylvan Adamshe would have offered, according to the medium, to pay for the show.

The presence of Madonna in Tel Aviv, has also caused the price of tickets to access the festival has increased significantly.


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