Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

The millionaire artist Jeff Koons leaves the commercial art after experiencing a "religious epiphany"

The millionaire artist Jeff Koons leaves the commercial art after experiencing a "religious epiphany"

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He has become rich and famous based on epic figures between pop and kitsch, works that as they went to the market or auctions broke all the scales. Now, Jeff Koons, at 64, says enough: "I am proud of everything I have achieved, but the same vocation that led to my practice now is asking me to stop. A religious epiphany that changed my life has revealed a necessary curve in the spiritual path that has guided me since the beginning of my career. I intend to respond to it with acceptance, ending my path in the world of commercial art, "he confessed in a message through his publicist.

The withdrawal of Koons, who has always known how to play with the times and needs of the market, comes at a time when signs of decline were coming. This same year he announced a new cut in the workforce of his workshop, the fourth that he undertakes in four years. He assured that he undertook such a cut to focus on digital projects, which required fewer employees. However, by the end of this year he will close his workshop for "commercial art" completely. We do not know if he will continue to develop works in another way.

In recent years, Koons has been plagued by demands of all kinds: he has been sentenced to pay $ 170,000 for plagiarizing a 1985 advertisement in his 1988 sculpture "Fait d'hiver" and is currently involved in a lawsuit against him. $ 90 million filed against him and Gagosian Gallery for undelivered works. Its millionaire accounts have been suffering in recent years, although it is still considered by many as "the Warhol of the XXI century". For example, at present, an exhibition in Mexico City compares his work with Duchamp's.

In 2013, he managed to auction his work "Ballon Dog" for 58 million dollars, becoming the most expensive work of a living artist sold at auction until being relieved this year by David Hockney.


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