July 25, 2021

The million-euro scam comes to trial

The million-euro scam comes to trial

Fernando Blanco and Margarita Garau, Nadia Nerea's parents, had been raising funds for the treatment of their daughter, who suffers from trichothodystrophy. What started as a way to get money for treatment, turned into a multi-million dollar scam. Fernando and Margarita managed to deceive everyone. Rafa Nadal, Marc Márquez, the journalist Ana Pastor, Alejandro Sánz, Pau Donés, Alejo Stivel, Coque Malla, Morfeo's dream, Maldita Nerea, Mala Rodríguez … They all fell into deception. After 10 years of lies and scams, Nadia Nerea's parents had achieved a comfortable life at the cost of solidarity. A million euros and a country with the story of a girl who needed to be operated in the United States and whose life was in danger.

Nothing is further from reality. Trichothodystrophy is not a terminal illness. It is a heterogeneous group of disorders characterized by short, brittle hair, with low sulfur content (due to an abnormal synthesis of keratins containing sulfur). Clinical appearance is always characterized by brittle and brittle hair, often combined with growth retardation and intellectual deficit, congenital ichthyosis and nail abnormalities, and photosensitivity among other symptoms. But the parents mounted a big lie, in which they indicated that the disease needed to be operated due to a large number of tumors that endangered their lives. The lie was growing, their presence in the media multiplied, their videos received thousands of visits and they did not stop depositing money.

According to the Prosecutor's Office believes, the parents benefited from some 600,000 euros and asked for six years in prison in the trial that begins today at the Hearing of Lleida with the statement of the parents of the child, who now has 12 years

Some thirty witnesses, including agents of the Mossos d'Esquadra and forensic doctors, have been summoned and a private accusation has been brought by Grupo Inversor para el Desarrollo, SL, which made contributions of some 13,000 euros.

Neither the Prosecutor's Office nor the mother's lawyer, Alberto Martín, have summoned the girl to testify. The trial of the father – who is in provisional detention since the end of 2016 – and the mother – who lives in the Balearic Islands -, accused of presumed fraud when raising money to treat the child of trichothodystrophy, it was scheduled to be held in June, but the change of Blanco's lawyer caused the new lawyer to request a postponement.

In his indictment, the prosecution asks for six years in prison for the mother and the same for the father for allegedly defrauding the donors who contributed money for the minor's treatment of what they said was in danger of death. The Prosecutor's Office maintains that the accused, "with the intention of obtaining an illicit patrimonial profit", when the girl was five years old, in 2009, created the Association for Trichothiodystrophy in the Balearic Islands, under the pretext of raising funds for the treatment of the disease, Its true intention being to allocate the money to its own consumption and leisure.

The girl, who He lived with his parents in Fígols (Lérida) lives with a maternal aunt in Binissalem (Balearic Islands), municipality that he moved to in December 2016 when the court dictated provisional detention for his father and freedom with charges for his mother, who lost his custody and can see her on Saturdays and Sundays. The father was arrested in December in the Seu d'Urgell (Lérida), fleeing from a police control in the Cerdanya region, during an operation that the Mossos d'Esquadra had activated due to the risk of his escape and when he was arrested he was found blank gun.

The lies of the Nadia case

1.- Fernando and Margarita created in 2009 the Association for Trichothodystrophy in the Balearic Islands to raise funds for the treatment of their daughter, when in fact they sought to get rich.

2.- Trichothodystrophy is a rare but not terminal disease. It causes disorders such as intellectual deficit, skin problems or photosensitivity.

3.- The girl did not need to travel to the United States to have an operation and although the parents defended that she had been operated in Houston, the fact is that the name of the girl does not appear in any registry of the hospitals of the state.

4.- Brain reset. Fernando Blanco explained that the girl had undergone surgery five times in six years and that she had had holes in the back of her neck to make a brain reset.

5.- The doctor Edward Brown does not exist. Presented as one of the most renowned specialists in the world, no one has managed to prove that it really exists.

6.- The cave of Afghanistan. One of Fernando's most incredible stories is the visit to Afghanistan, where desperate to seek a cure for his daughter visited a specialist inside a cave in the war zone. Blanco ended up recognizing that the cave was not true, but said that he had been in the country with the girl.

7. Fernando was not the courage father who had tried everything to save his daughter. Actually, is a fraudster convicted in 2000 to four years in prison for misappropriation and forgery for appropriating at least 120,000 euros from the company where he worked.

8.-Possible sexual exploitation. In the registry practiced in his house, the Mossos found a pendrive with images of sexual character of the girl. When they presented the photographs to the judge, the agents already indicated that the photographs could constitute crimes of "elaboration and possession of child pornography, as well as exhibitionism and sexual provocation".

9.- They prepared a scam on a large scale. Nadia's parents were not satisfied with what they had achieved and wanted to use the Real Madrid players to raise more money. Everything was ready but the scandal jumped and the operation could not be carried out.

10.- The supposed illness of Fernando. Nadia's father reported that he had had pancreatic cancer with liver metastasis for about two years and added that he had not undergone treatment because he wanted to devote his time and effort to the girl. The Teknon clinic in Barcelona, ​​where he was supposed to have been treated, denied everything.


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