The migrant caravan leaves Mexico City in its entirety heading north

The migrant caravan leaves Mexico City in its entirety heading north

The thousands of members of the migrant caravan of Central Americans who remained in a sports complex east of Mexico City left the capital today and continued their journey to the US border, with Querétaro as the next stop.

The Central Americans, mostly Hondurans, began to mobilize at dawn, following in the footsteps of the comrades who left the city on Friday and last night they rested in Queretaro, capital of the homonymous state in the center of the country.

The Collective Transportation System of Mexico City facilitated access to subway trains to move from Magdalena Mixhuca Sports City, where they began to settle last Sunday, to the western part of the capital.

Once there, they moved towards the State of Mexico heading north, making some stretches on foot and other climbs in buses or trucks.

Queretaro, where last night the approximately 1,000 comrades who make up the advance party of the group slept, totaling some 5,000 people, is located about 200 kilometers from the capital of the country.

The migrant caravan, which left San Pedro Sula (northern Honduras) on October 13 and entered Mexico six days later, is headed to Tijuana (Baja California), border city with San Diego (USA), where they think ask for asylum

The massive migratory movement does not stop its progress despite the fact that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, signed on Friday a presidential order that limits the options of asylum seekers on the border with Mexico and prevents this protection from being granted to those who they access the country irregularly.


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