The Miami Ultra Festival is suspended for the coronavirus, according to media

The Ultra festival of electronic music in Miami that was to be held on the third weekend of March was canceled to prevent infections by the coronavirus, local media reported Wednesday, but the organization did not confirm it.

As the Miami Herald newspaper reported first and then others such as the NBC6 television channel, citing municipal sources, the official decision will be officially announced next Friday.

The three-day event was scheduled to begin on March 20.

The information about the suspension caused an explosion of complaints on social networks.

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) fans stressed that this will not prevent hundreds of people from moving to the city, as most of the Ultra attendees are young people without much money who bought tickets and hotel stays and will not receive refunds

Ultra, founded in 1999, is one of the biggest festivals in the world of dance music. Every year, except one, the headquarters has been the Bayfront Park, near the financial center of the city, with capacity for 55,000 people daily.

Other Ultra fans have also pointed out that the main reason for suspending the festival may not be the coronavirus, as several neighborhood associations and citizen organizations have protested the celebration of Ultra in downtown Miami.

The closing of the traffic, the agglomerations of people and the noise that it generates are the main reasons used by those who have asked the City Hall to terminate the permission to the festival.

The controversy increased in 2014, when a young security officer was trampled by a crowd that dropped a containment fence to penetrate the compound.

Since then security measures have increased and containment fences added altitude, in addition to deploying greater control over the consumption of alcohol or other prohibited substances within the enclosure.

Ultra is not the first entertainment event canceled as a result of the coronavirus. The last James Bond film until the end of the year was passed from April to the end of the year and the world premiere of "Mulán" in China was canceled.

In addition, the shooting of the seventh film of "Mission Impossible" in Italy was suspended.

According to some estimates, the crisis caused by the disease COVID-19, caused by the coronavirus, could lead to losses of more than 5,000 million dollars (about 4,490 million euros), says the specialized newspaper The Hollywood Reporter.

This strain of the coronavirus, of Chinese origin, has already spread through numerous countries in the world and leaves, so far, almost 95,000 people infected in the world and has caused about 3,200 deaths.

In the United States 11 people have died and at least 128 people are sick. In Florida there are about 200 people who are being monitored and so far there have been three cases in the western area of ​​the state.

It was also learned that one of the sick people in New York had recently been in Miami.


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