The Mexican Yalitza Aparicio says that stereotypes "limit" the world

The Mexican Yalitza Aparicio says that stereotypes "limit" the world

The Mexican Yalitza Aparicio, protagonist of the Oscar-winning "Rome", made a plea Monday in Panama in favor of social, ethnic and cultural "diversity," and ensured that stereotypes "limit" the world.

The actress, nominated in the last edition of the Oscars for her role as Cleo in the film directed by Alfonso Cuarón and who received the keys of the City of Panama, said that she wishes "with all her heart" that the world will realize its diversity and put an end to prejudices and stereotypes because "they are limiting us".

"We have the idea that by being part of a certain social class you can not aspire to something more and sometimes the same society emphasizes it to you: you do not have the physical, you do not give the profile, the last name does not help you and you can not aspire to something more ", said Aparicio, who is one of the special guests of the International Film Festival of Panama (IFF).

The young woman, of indigenous descent and native of the southern state of Oaxaca, one of the poorest in Mexico, indicated that the solution to the problem begins with the acceptance and appreciation of oneself and acknowledged being "proud" of who she is.

"Sometimes you are so isolated in your bubble that you think there are no people who look like you," he added during an act in which he received recognition from the capital's mayor for his "ability to excel."

"Roma", which won three Oscars last February, among them the prize for the best foreign film, is one of the films that are exhibited until Tuesday in the Panamanian contest.

The 25-year-old girl plays in the acclaimed film a Mixtec-born domestic worker who works for a middle-upper class family in Mexico in the early 1970s, a strongly autobiographical work by Cuarón.

Aparicio, who is a preschool teacher, has gone from leading a modest life to becoming a world star that stars on covers and is claimed in countless events.

"I never imagined all this success, as a child I did not think of being an actress, I started with this project because I just wanted to honor my mother for her work," the actress acknowledged.


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