The Mexican 'Roma' wins the BAFTA award for best film | Culture

The Mexican 'Roma' wins the BAFTA award for best film | Culture

In times of Brexit in which the United Kingdom does not stop looking at its navel and wondering about its place in the world, members of the British Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Television have decided that there is talent beyond the confines of this island. The movie Rome, of the Mexican Alfonso Cuarón, has been made this Sunday with the most coveted BAFTA award, the Best Film. "To see how a film about an indigenous domestic worker is received in this way in an era in which fear and anger have been proposed to divide us means a whole world for me," the director said when receiving the award. The director, who proposes in his film a tribute to the Mexico of his childhood that has been celebrated all over the world, has thanked the producer and distributor Netfix "for having the faith and the courage to support a black and white film about a domestic employee, subtitled from Spanish, and show it to audiences around the world. " The film won in the star category to competitors as The favourite, of the director Yorgos Lanthimos; Green Book, by Peter Farrelly; Infiltrated in the KKKlan, by Spike Lee, and A star has been born, by Bradley Cooper.

Rome He won three more awards. He won the Best Director awards; Best Non-English Speaking Film, and Best Photography. The tribute of Cuarón to Mexico from his childhood snatched part of the role to which, however, was "the favorite" of the world of British cinema. The favourite, The story of Queen Anne, the last sovereign of the Stuart dynasty, with its overweight problems and its tendency to depression and even suicide, became the great winner of the 72nd edition of the BAFTA, held at the Royal Opera House in London and that brought together a remarkable list of famous names of the British scene. The film was made with the awards for the Best British Film, Best Production Design, Best Supporting Actress (which went to the hands of the glorious Rachel Weisz), Best Original Screenplay and Best Costume Design. But above all, the most celebrated award was that of Best Leading Actress, which went to the hands of the wonderful Olivia Colman, who has achieved unanimous praise for her interpretation of Queen Anne. "We are enjoying a wonderful night, is not it? ? ", Colman said, dominated by nerves when he picked up the statuette. "How are we going to get drunk in a while!", Has finished his speech between the laughter of his companions. Colman has shared his award with the other two actresses of the film, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone, who have also received very positive reviews for their respective interpretations.

Rami Malek has won the best actor award for Bohemian Rhapsody, a ribbon also awarded for the best sound. Mahershala Ali, for Green Book, has been recognized as best supporting actor, while Letitia Wright (Black Panther), He has received the best revelation interpreter.

In the rest of the categories, theEjor adapted script has been for Infiltrated in the KkKlan; the prize for best documentary for Free Solo; best animated movie for Spider-Man: a new universe; best British short for 73 Cows; best short animation for Roughhouse; best director, scriptwriter or novel British producer, for Michael Pearce and Lauren Dark (for Beast); best original music for A star has been born; visual effects, for Black Panther; and assembly for The vice of power.

The honorary Bafta has been for the assembler U.S Thelma Schoonmake and the prize for the greatest contribution to British cinema, for Elizabeth Karlsen and Stephen Wooley.

The BAFTA 2019 awards have introduced new rules for the first time to increase diversity in nominations. And changes have taken place, although still very slow for many of its critics. This year, the list of nominees for Best Director included only male names.


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