The Mexican city of Querétaro fights the stigma of graffiti

Querétaro (Mexico), Mar 30 (EFE) .- The city of Querétaro, in central Mexico, combats the stigmatization of graffiti in society by allowing urban artists to put the final touch on the public works that are inaugurated in the municipality.

The latest example is that of the Centro Alameda sports and cultural complex, where artists painted various murals, turning each wall into a unique work of art.

This initiative has changed the way citizens see graffiti artists like Israel Villa, known as "Bat".

"That they provide us with that type of space for us is a good thing because we are no longer doing it illegally. We are already doing it as a way of working and with a proposal towards the people. Because it is not just painting to paint. They are themed graffiti, "he explained to Efe on Tuesday.

In fact, for Bat, graffiti is already even a job that allows him to get ahead:

"For me, graffiti is a way of life: I live off graffiti, for 10 years I have dedicated myself fully to what is graffiti as work, as a means of sustenance for my family," he said.

Urban art groups and collectives already know what is the inclusion and integration of a team with different perspectives to provide a final result that integrates all their visions.

And that is what has happened to every mural, graffiti and painting of this type.

"This dynamic of this painting was like bringing together several graffiti desks that fully make what are called pieces, which are letters with a certain level of elaboration. And they invite me to somehow make the background and give homogeneity to the painting ", explained to Efe David, artist known as" Goal ".

This inclusive spirit is also reflected in the Emerging Art Center, a space for workshops and cultural activities of all kinds.

"It is necessary that there be an interdisciplinary dynamic, that there be all the expressions of all the artistic currents. That there be a way to link it: and I believe that this center is going to be quite conducive to things happening," he added.

One of the muralists at Centro Alameda, Jassiel, will enjoy these facilities once they are open because in addition to painting, she also practices dance.

"I also dance, so I am like one of those artists who are complemented by various disciplines and well, it is incredible that they consider that because art encompasses a lot," he explained to Efe.

"It is not only painting, but it is expressing with the body, expressing with movement, expressing with paintings. There is a lot around art. So, it is super cool (very good) that they consider all these disciplines," he added.

Behind every mural is strenuous work and great effort. Jassiel dedicated days to have one of the murals that will be displayed in Centro Alameda complete and on time.

"I arrive super early, at seven in the morning to avoid getting too much sun. So, just like a workday, but in another environment, in another workspace. I like it. I think It is not for everyone because suddenly you get muddy, or the sun hits you a lot, or you get tired, or you have to change the position of your body a lot, "he said.

As well as Centro Alameda, the new general hospital in Querétaro was recently opened. Another emblematic work that did not remain without the final touch provided by urban artists with graffiti and even a mural inside the lobby to honor health personnel for their sacrifice during the covid-19 pandemic.


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