February 25, 2021

The Metropolitan Museum of New York presents an exhibition of just one painting by Leonardo da Vinci, "San Jerónimo"

It is already known that Leonardo da Vinci, his works, bring crowds. The most paradigmatic example is that of the "Mona Lisa" of the Louvre, crowded daily by tourists eager to capture an image or a piece of inspiration from this lady of small proportions.

The great exhibition that prepares the Parisian museum for October on the occasion of the 5th centenary of the death of the artist is also called to be a "blockbuster", grouping an infinite number of pieces, some as rare as the millionaire "Salvator Mundi", if their presence in the show is confirmed.

In this context, the Metropolitan Museum of New York is unmarked by an exhibition of just one painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Nothing more and nothing less. Like swimming against the current, offering exclusivity where others look for numbers of infatuated visitors.

The box in question is a "San Jerónimo" (circa 1483), for more signs unfinished, and with a curious existence. Of 103 x 74 cm, the canvas disappeared and it is known that between 1787 and 1803 the Swiss painter Angelica Kauffman bought it. It is supposed that he cut it to sell it better and that Joseph Fesch, Napoleon's uncle, found it in an antiquarian and rebuilt it. The "San Jerónimo" is in the Vatican since 1856.

Precisely from the city of the Popes has already arrived in New York, where it will be exhibited from July 15 to October 6. If you want to enjoy this "solo-exhibition" you will have to pay the 25 dollars of the general entrance of the museum.

Of course, from the Metropolitan ensure that the experience well deserves something more exclusivity: "It's a single painting because Leonardo da Vinci is unique," says Max Hollein, director of the Met. The entity invites to be the first to approach the "San Jerónimo", only for your eyes. But there the thing gets difficult for the wallet. Only the friends of the museum can see between today and tomorrow the exclusive piece.

But befriending requires spending between $ 100 and $ 600 a year. This last status allows you to even visit the museum at closing times and, of course, have preferential access in the previews of the exhibitions.

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