The Messi of the future will be transgender

I recommend the report published days ago by Faro de Vigo, from the same editorial group to which this newspaper belongs, in which it is told the story of Iker and Marcos, registered after their birth as Ainhoa ​​and María, and that they are still officially players of the Peñasco women's soccer team, from Segunda Galicia. As they complete their transition, they both press their final months as goalkeeper and midfielder for the women's team., in which they enjoy the support of the coach, the board of directors, the colleagues and, above all, their families. Even in a world like him football, so given to the shouting of a crowd unleashed and to release the adrenaline well supplied with decibels truffled with allusions to the sexual condition, Iker and Marcos have found themselves with the absolute acceptance of rival hobbies as well as one's own.

The one commonly known as the Trans Law, approved in June by the Minister council After a strong debate within the Government and not without the condescension, if not the hidden joke, of the opposition of the right and even the left, it represents a turning point for the transgender community, in particular, and for the entire cause LGTBi in general: equal rights and freedoms for those who have the legal power, because that is how they feel, to freely choose their sex regardless of what appears on the identity document from birth.

The cases of Iker and Marcos, a example of tolerance, as they assure themselves, from an environment that could be supposedly hostile, constitutes a giant step in the socialization of a population group that has just recently won a right that the rest of society has enjoyed for decades: to be treated as an equal. This week's newspapers they also remembered Margarida Borràs, the daughter of a Mallorcan living in Valencia what was tortured and hanged in the 15th century for her gender identity. A Valencian artist has paid tribute to her in the capital of Turia with a huge mural that adds to the plaque that the City Council dedicated to her in 2017 next to the Central Market, where she was executed in 1460.

Without leaving this community, we have learned that Alexia Herranz Sánchez, a member of the Popular Party in Gandía and first transsexual candidate to preside over a PP group, is willing to present the battle to lead the formation against the current leader, Víctor Soler, whose leadership it blatantly accuses of "separating and humiliating a large part of the party's longtime members." With Hope Aguirre and Isabel Diaz Ayuso as models and very critical of the Valencian Trans Law, Alexia admits to having heard transphobic comments in your own organization, which led to her resignation as secretary of Diversity in New Generations, the youth wing of the PP.

With the very recent example of Carla antonelli as deputy of PSOE in the Madrid Assembly between 2011 and 2021, transgender people have before them a long battle in normalization and social acceptance that every day we see with greater profusion among the rest of the LGTBi collective. If no one is surprised by the fact that gays and lesbians occupy prominent positions in politics, art or sport, transgender people still lack clear references in a country that for a long time only accepted Bibiana Fernández as an exotic element of Spanish cinematography until the definitive popular recognition of his talent.

The visibility achieved by Iker and Marcos or the Alexia Herranz contest in the organic life of the PP, should constitute an example for the entire political class, which still observes with some indifference the immersion in relevant positions of people with gender dysphoria. To this day, it continues to be news that a footballer openly declares his homosexuality, and let's not say if this occurred in other professions facing the public (bullfighters, without going any further) of which all the qualities of that are presumed. they call the 'testicular Spain' (throw eggs at everything). Society will end up accepting that in a few years, and these people may have already been born, it is possible that the futures Messi, Christian or Alexia Putellas are transgender. And future generations will shake their heads as they realize that in the 15th century people were hanged for their gender identity.


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