October 22, 2020

The message of Fernando Alonso inviting optimism for Indianapolis

The Spanish driver remains without equipment for now after the Honda veto

Fernando Alonso wants to run the 500 miles of Indianapolis, but needs a seat to do so. Everything seems very complicated since Honda vetoed him and therefore left him with no opportunity to get in the middle of the teams that participate. There are 16, but 8 have a Honda engine and therefore, it is assumed that in those 8 Alonso will not be able to run.

The Spanish pilot had already planned it with Andretti, or at least that was what all the rumors said, until, it was said, Honda said not to speak, that he broke the possible agreement between them and did not allow Fernando Alonso to use his motor.

The relations between Honda and the Spanish are not the best, although Alonso has already assured that he regrets those words he said against Honda, because, he says, they were also misunderstood.

So it seems that Fernando Alonso is without a team (as he also looks in Formula 1), however, in his social networks he has posted a message that enlivens the hope and optimism of the fans. Alonso has retweeted a message from the Indianapolis race organization that says there are only 100 days left for the competition and asks fans if they are ready. What does Fernando Alonso mean with that retuit?


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