The Mercedes-Benz Vitoria and Ford Almussafes plants raise another ERTE due to the lack of chips



The management of the Mercedes-Benz plant in Vitoria announced this Wednesday to the unions its intention to present a new ERTE before the production problems derived from the lack of semiconductor chips. Given this circumstance, the management of Ford Almussafes, in Valencia, has also raised another.

In the case of the Vitoria plant, the announcement has been transferred to the unions in a meeting held this Wednesday in which the situation derived from the lack of semiconductors, some essential devices for operation electronic parts of vehicles and whose shortage is significantly affecting the automotive industry and other sectors.

At the meeting, the management has conveyed to the representatives of the workers that "the absence of supply of semiconductors continues", and that it is not expected that this problem will be solved until before the fourth quarter of the year, as reported by UGT-Mercedes Benz through its official account on a social network.

Those responsible for the Vitorian factory have also explained that they expect the plant to produce normally this week and next, although the plans for next week They will not be confirmed until this next Friday. In addition, the management has warned the unions that, despite the fact that the workforce is currently working in the so-called 'activatable days of production', the 'flexibility' provided by this system is 'insufficient'.

For this reason, those responsible for the plant in the capital of Alava plan to convene the unions to negotiate a new ERTE for this year, as explained by the UGT.

4,764 affected at Ford

In the case of Ford Almussafes, the new ERTE would be for the vehicle plants and auxiliary departments and would consist of 15 working days of complete shutdown in this first quarter, one week per month, which would affect 4,764 workers, as reported by union sources.

Thus, the company has summoned a new meeting next Monday to try to reach an agreement on the conditions set out in this new ERTE raised by productive causes derived from the lack of semiconductor chips. In addition, a meeting of the Negotiating Commission for the electrification agreement has also been called on Monday.

In this regard, from the UGT, the majority union at the plant, they have expressed, in the face of the company's "downward" approaches, "the need for the same conditions are met than in previous ERTEs ».

For his part, the STM spokesman at the plant, Daniel Portillo, stressed that this new ERTE will not affect the engine plant and has indicated that they are waiting for the economic conditions and the days of unemployment each month.

In this sense, he has commented that they are "aware" of the situation created by the lack of components, but do not understand that "it is done systematically pay this template which has given Ford so many benefits with a considerable and constant economic decline. For this reason, he has advanced that "we will not sign an agreement that cuts economic conditions."

Likewise, they request that they offer "greater precision" in the scheduling of unemployment days because "they are constantly modifying them and thus produce problems of family conciliation" and, before the approval of the labor reform, they ask that "the possibility of that workers affected by the ERTE are not deducted days of unemployment ". "We know that the legislation allows mechanisms for this to be effective," he stressed.

For their part, CCOO has already announced that they will not sign any ERTE "as long as there is no future industrial plan for this factory that guarantees employment for all workers."

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