The meeting point where the future of training is projected

Alberto Velazquez
Updated: 02/26/2022 23:30h
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Once the impact of Covid has been overcome, Education Week returns to the Ifema fairgrounds (halls 12 and 14) with a wide range of proposals, from childhood to higher education, without forgetting the growing importance of tools and methodologies to promote 'Long Life Learning', for professionals who wish to update and complete their knowledge. It has the participation of 200 companies, with 160 activities and representation from 12 countries.

Stand by stand, it is a practical projection of the future for students, families and professionals of all kinds. In the case of families, with special emphasis on help choosing a school, specialized training center (such as VET and academies) and higher education institutions, Schools Day is offered (Saturday, March 5).

Robotic Classroom and Programming Workshops (with the Carlos III University of Madrid), the Equality Classroom (with the support of the Women's Institute), the Solidarity Classroom, the Green Social Forum (in collaboration with the Higher Institute of the Environment) , the Youth Employment Area (with the Altius Foundation), the Stage and the Orientation Zone also have personalized and free attention.

The International Student and Educational Offer Exhibition, AULA 2022, hosts a large number of exhibitors and activities for all the latest developments in an international context, with the latest technological advances and multiple international mobility programs, with meeting points such as the ' Digital Corner'. A proposal supported by the Live Connect online platform, so they coexist face-to-face and online (within the fair's vocation to extend its content to Latin America).

Everything for everyone

Traditional training, technology, design and art, languages ​​(with institutions such as Cambridge Assessment English and Education First)... everything fits in AULA, in which colleges and universities coincide with presences closely linked to the world of work, such as the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción. Or with companies specialized in student residences, such as the MiCampus network, which will show a replica of a room. In the case of the 26th International Exhibition of Educational Material and V Congress of Resources for Education, Interdidac Espacio RED, is the meeting of professionals from the educational community with the current situation and projection of the sector.

Advice for all kinds of decisions in the 'training journey': as Lola González, director of Education Week, points out: "We have a clearly guiding profile, to help students and families in decision-making." González adds how, in the case of AULA, teaching will be focused inside and outside the classroom and on disciplines such as technology or art education: «And very prominently, on giving greater visibility to the role of families. Once again, initiatives to promote equality and coexistence in the educational environment will be key, in line with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, promoter of Education Week.

Within the International Postgraduate and Continuing Education Exhibition, institutions such as U-tad show the expansion of their catalog of Bachelor's degrees and Training Cycle to reinforce their commitment to digital training. As they point out from the institution, "according to Randstand Research, it is expected that more than one million jobs related to technology will be created in Spain." For this reason, they disclose the contents of official degrees in Animation and Software Engineering in online mode and with availability in English (as in the cases mentioned and in the case of Interactive Product Design), in addition to three new Higher Level Training Cycles .

U-tad will also allow you to enter the metaverse through the Oculus Quest glasses. It will also be possible, among other proposed activities, to paint and design in 3D with the virtual reality application Tilt Brush with the Reverb G2 glasses from HP, see how a mobile application is developed, how to discover if your Wi-Fi has been hacked, how detect vulnerabilities in IP cameras, etc.

In the case of the San Pablo CEU University, it presents, in addition to its educational proposal (with five new degrees such as the Degree in Bioinformatics and Massive Data- Big Data), Mathematical Engineering or Digital Art), the 'Exploria' program, to enrich the activity teacher and learning. «In the context of the digital society (they point out from the institution), given the new profile of students born in the 21st century and with different ways of being and learning, we have launched a program that seeks to enrich and update the teaching activity and curricular content with new tools, methodologies and ways of teaching, promoting continuous training, internal collaboration and collaboration with the environment, as well as improving the learning of our students».

Exploria fits into 21st century education through concepts such as the transversality of knowledge “with special emphasis (they add) on humanistic subjects, to understand reality from a global and integrating perspective; comprehensive academic, personal and professional training; and orientation to the service of society, promoting in the student the vocation to generate a positive impact on their environment».

'Madrid is science': encounter with innovation

Coinciding with Education Week, the 'Madrid Es Ciencia' Fair (also free access, from March 2 to 5 in Hall 14), is proposed as an exhibition from a playful and participatory point of view, on the answers that Science, Technology and Innovation can give to the challenges of the planet. The motto 'Building a sustainable future' is the nexus of this event organized by the Community of Madrid through the Foundation for Knowledge madri+d. An opportunity to attend a space for learning and exploring the scientific, technological and innovative ecosystem of the region, a meeting point for teachers, researchers and entrepreneurs and the general public, with the presence of leading research centers such as the IMDEA institutes (Water, Food, Energy, Materials, Nanoscience, Networks and Software).

ESIC presents, for its part, the Degree in Data Science. «It also trains (highlight from ESIC), in 'soft skills' essential in the current and future business environment, such as management skills, teamwork, etc, and 'hard skills' such as the use of latest technology and computer solutions generation". The four-year degree can be completed with a fifth to obtain a higher degree in marketing management, digital business, entrepreneurship and innovation or sustainability management.

Attendees will also be able to see first-hand the studies proposed both at ESIC University and those of Vocational Training. They all follow the 'Transformative Learning by ESIC' methodology, a mixed and flexible training that combines remote and physical attendance, as a 'training' of high business performance and that is applied in novelties such as the Higher Degree in Sustainability Management.

And although elearning will have its own space, in Hall 14, with Expoelearning, the UOC, a benchmark in this type of training (they have an eLearn Center), will have a stand in AULA.

There it will show novelties such as the Degree in Political Science and Administration and the Degree in Sociology, together with the rest of its proposals in this appointment with the current situation of the future of education.


pre covid numbers

The last edition of Education Week, held in March 2020 (just before confinement), closed its doors with more than 115,000 visitors, more than 1,800 educational centers in collective visits from all over Spain, 438 participating companies from 33 countries and 350 free activities organized for students, teachers and families.

One by one

These are the available spaces:

- AULA 2022 (March 2 to 6);

- 26th International Exhibition of Educational Materials and V Congress of Resources for Education, Interdidac Espacio RED (March 3 to 5)

- 13th International Postgraduate and Continuing Education Exhibition (3 to 5 March);

- Expoelearning (March 3 and 4),

- 4th Schools Day- 'Families and Schools Day' (March 5)


The Fair's Digital Channel, Liveconnect (in line with the growing digitization that Ifema Madrid has been implementing in all its events), allows the sector to be interconnected throughout the year with the educational community, thus enhancing the informative and indicative nature of this meeting between professionals, students and families.

health security

"The Fair will take place in a completely safe environment, thanks to the extensive battery of anti-Covid measures," highlights Lola González, the director of Education Week 2022, who also highlights the "successful celebration of a fair of the magnitude of Fitur last January, in person".

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