August 7, 2020

The meeting of the PRC and Lastra to negotiate support for the investiture of Sánchez is delayed to Saturday

The national deputy of the PRC, José María Mazón, will finally meet tomorrow Saturday with the spokeswoman for the Socialist Group in the Congress of Deputies, Adriana Lastra, to negotiate his possible support for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez as president of the Government.

The meeting initially scheduled for this afternoon has been delayed by an unforeseen event on the agenda of the socialist spokeswoman and will take place tomorrow at 11.00 at the headquarters of the PSOE in Oviedo, where the two will meet this weekend, has informed the PRC.

The regionalist deputy will reaffirm as the main condition to support a future government chaired by the Socialists the payment of outstanding debts and the streamlining of infrastructure works repeatedly committed in Cantabria, which were already included in the agreement signed with the socialist leadership last 13 of June.

In addition to the Cantabrian priorities, Mazón has advanced its willingness to support the governance of Spain, provided that the agreement does not imply any agreement with the Catalan or Basque independence workers.

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