The Medinaceli of Ceuta grants freedom to a prisoner of 36 years

The Medinaceli of Ceuta grants freedom to a prisoner of 36 years

Our Father Jesus Captive and Rescued (Medinaceli) of Ceuta has fulfilled this Holy Monday with one of its most deeply rooted traditions, by granting freedom to a prisoner who was serving a sentence of four years and two months for a crime against public health and whose definitive freedom was scheduled for June 26, 2020.

MLA, 36-year-old Ceuta, arrived at the doors of the Brotherhood House of the Lord of Ceuta, accompanied by several members of the management of the Penitentiary Center Fort Mendizábal, to receive the pardon from the Medinaceli, passing from that moment the guardianship of the released to the Brotherhood, until their release is final.

Before the doors opened, M.L.A. who at all times has hidden his face behind a purple mask, could not hide his nervousness and his gratitude to Our Father Jesus Captive and Rescued, whom he has accompanied throughout his itinerary, until he has arrived back at his Brotherhood House after having I traveled the center of the city.

The director of the Penitentiary Center, Francisco José Delgado Aguilera has acknowledged that the inmate has been proposed after maintaining "a responsible and involved path during his stay in prison, actively participating in the tasks and intervention programs that have been proposed from the Area of Treatment ".


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