The medical team of the Spanish National Team now rejects the vaccination of footballers if it is not with Janssen

The medical team of the Spanish soccer team has recommended not to vaccinate the players, since it could affect performance a few days after their debut in the Eurocup, as RTVE has advanced. As they explain, the Federation doctors prefer that the vaccination be done with Janssen, the single-dose antidote, instead of Pfizer, the drug that the Ministry of Health had chosen.

Health gives the go-ahead to vaccinate the players of the football team

Health gives the go-ahead to vaccinate the players of the football team

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According to RTVE, the vaccination of the players is in the air at the moment, contrary to what Health had announced this Wednesday.

This morning, the Spanish coach, Luis Enrique, commented that "two months ago" they had been informed of the possibility of vaccinating the team with the full schedule once the final list of players who would attend the continental tournament was announced. "Finally that could not be achieved. We accept it willingly. Now there are negotiations so that it can be carried out, but it is still not sure," he reported.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Ministry of Health gave the go-ahead to the priority vaccination against COVID-19 to the national team, as previously requested by the Culture and Sports portfolio. The head of Health, Carolina Darias, considered at a press conference that the team's inoculation was "tremendously important" and "necessary", because "it represents Spain and has been champion of the European Championship on several occasions. An international competition is important. ". "We have done it at the moment in which they have asked us," he has responded about why now and not a few weeks ago, when the immunity that is achieved with vaccines would have reached the first games in time.

The vaccination of the players was entrusted to the Armed Forces and was to be carried out this Friday, starting in the morning, in the sports city of Las Rozas, as reported by the Ministry of Defense. After this information, the process remains in the air just a few days before the first game of the European competition, which will be played on Monday in Seville, against Sweden.


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