June 14, 2021

The medical colleges of Spain and Portugal unite against pseudosciences | Society

The medical colleges of Spain and Portugal unite against pseudosciences | Society

The maximum colleges of doctors in Spain and Portugal have signed a document, the Declaration of Madrid, in which they affirm that "the European medical profession must respond with force" before the pseudosciences, they are offered "by health and non-health" as "without the necessary scientific support to guarantee its validity or utility, appearing before society with false scientific appearance and purported health purpose". "All of them must be expressly prohibited and excluded from any health circuit and considered, for all purposes, as practices that threaten public health and the safety of patients," they add.

The representatives of the General Council of Spanish Medical Colleges and of the Ordem dos Medicos de Portugal go further and say that it is necessary to "denounce the activities of this so damaging para-scientific universe". This work is, according to the agreement, of the medical colleges, but also of the "Public administrations, the media, scientific societies, patient associations and political representatives", they affirm, that they have the "responsibility to inform, educate in true science. "

For all these reasons, "political representatives are required to legislate to combat both pseudotherapies and pseudosciences, as well as the acts or movements that promote them, and safeguard public health and patient safety, and to promote, through the competent authorities, a greater control and vigilance over centers and people that are not officially accredited and publicizing false preventive and curative activities, promoting awareness and training campaigns for citizens and patients in order to avoid possible fraud and pseudoscientific manipulations. "

The document does not mention any specific pseudotherapy. It only defines them as lacking in scientific demonstration. And that requirement is not as clear as it seems. Just last week the Spanish Society of Medical Acupuncturists (one of the practices put in doubt) announced that it would send to the Ministry of Health the documents that prove its validity. The Spanish Society of Homeopathic Doctors also exists. And this type of groups, formed by health professionals, claim that their methods are supported.

The schools insist on two aspects to combat these false promises of healing: the regulation of advertising, for what they offer to participate, and the relationship between the doctor and the patient, so that the first report to the second, "appropriately", "that pseudo-therapies and pseudosciences are not a specialty within medicine" and something that fully enters into their competences: that the supposed specializations of some of their partners in these areas is not "recognized by the scientific community or legally in the most countries. "


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