June 16, 2021

The Mediapro Studio starts with 34 series in production around the world | TV

The Mediapro Studio starts with 34 series in production around the world | TV

On television, content is king. And at a time when the possibilities of distribution and consumption have multiplied with the expansion of both traditional television and Internet platforms, the need for content is greater than ever. In this panorama, the Mediapro group has taken a step forward by creating The Mediapro Studio, with which it intends to evolve in its role as a content producer to establish itself as another player in the international sector.

The company, based in Barcelona, ​​has staged this Tuesday in Madrid the launch of its television studio with a presentation to the media that has been attended by some of the creators that it hosts under its brand. Javier Olivares, Diego San Jose, Iván Escobar, Flipy, David and Álex Pastor, Marc Cistaré, Pablo Alen, Lluís Arcarazo and Fernando León de Aranoa attended an event held at the Italian embassy in Madrid in which the group reviewed some of his current and future productions.

The series 'The New Pope'.
The series 'The New Pope'.

As pointed out by Tatxo Benet, managing partner of the group, The Mediapro Studio has launched 34 series around the world this year with a total investment of 200 million euros, as well as 27 broadcast entertainment programs. It has 58 offices in 36 countries, and in 14 of them they have sets and equipment to produce. "All this already existed, but now we give it the umbrella and the unit of The Mediapro Studio to compete with the great studios of the world", explained Benet.

Its structure ranges from the development of the programs to its creation, production, direction and distribution. In addition, it is involved in the financing of new projects, so that, as Benet has pointed out, they will have greater control over intellectual property and the distribution of its contents.

Among the projects in which they work, there are international productions and co-productions such as The New Pope or The Paradise and Spanish series as Charon (Telecinco); Lost (Antenna 3); Malaka (The 1), Paradise (Movistar +) or Vote Juan (TNT). In preproduction is already The Head, thriller Psychological directed by Jorge Dorado and with a script by Álex Pastor, David Pastor and Isaac Sastre. They also prepare the fourth season of The Ministry of Time with 10 new chapters of 60 minutes each. In Latin America they are preparing series like Las Bravas, focused on the world of women's sports; Stroke, dramedia created by Daniel Burman; the political drame The change or the thriller Internationals. "There are very few studios in the world that produce 34 series a year," says Benet.

As for film projects, Mediapro is also behind the next film of Woody Allen, who will start recording in July 2019 in different locations in Spain, especially in the Basque Country, as confirmed by Jaume Roures, managing partner of the Mediapro group.

In the field of entertainment, spaces like The intermediate, Zapeando, Ninja Warrior, Those that were missing, The Script in Movistar + or Six Dreams are productions of Mediapro, in addition to future premieres as Today in a year, Seven days without them or Go crack.


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