The meat associations show “stupor” at the request of Minister Garzón to consume less meat



The professional meat associations of Spain have expressed their “amazement” at the series of tweets published this Wednesday by the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, in which he recommended reducing meat consumption because “It harms health and the planet.”

«We want to express the amazement of the hundreds of thousands of farmers, companies, workers and technicians from all over Spain linked to the livestock and meat sectors that we represent, before the campaign signed by yourself and the Ministry of which you are the owner, in the which defames the whole of the livestock-meat sector ”, has indicated the six signatory associations of an open letter sent to the minister.

The letter is signed by the professional associations of the Iberian pig (Asici), poultry meat (Avianza), the rabbit sector (Intercun), the sheep and goat sector (Interovic), the white layer pig sector (Interporc) and the beef (Provacuno).

The associations consider “worrying” that the minister “makes a series of erroneous or unfocused statements (…) trying to create an artificial confrontation” with the sector.

The representatives of the meat sectors have defended that their sector generates more than 2.5 million jobs in Spain and generates almost 9,000 million euros of exports.

«The livestock-meat sector contributes to job creation and generates opportunities, as well as promoting strong environmental commitments with verifiable results. From the sector, we will continue on the path of institutional collaboration and dialogue, trusting in turn that our public officials contribute, with their attitude and their manifestations, to this climate of understanding ”, the organizations have added.

Vox and PP criticize Garzón

Vox has criticized the request made this Wednesday by the Minister of Consumption. «This is what the left has been for. To speak in inclusive language, dress up as colorful and demonize meat consumption», Has denounced the training chaired by Santiago Abascal through his official Twitter account.

«And the liberal politicians wonder how they lost the confidence of the Spain that rises early? Our ranchers are clear that # LessComunismoMásVida », ends the message of Vox on the social network.

Also representatives of the PP have charged against the Minister of Consumption. «This lord of extreme ignorance he is a minister of this misgovernment. Everything is not worth Pedro Sánchez, ”said the PP Agriculture spokesperson in Congress, Mila Marcos, also on her Twitter account.

In addition, Marcos has valued livestock. «The primary sector feeds us all every day. If you need an excuse to justify the cuts in the CAP, look for another one, this one does not filter, ”he responded to Garzón, later requesting the resignation of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.

Andalusia regrets the damage caused by “false claims”

The Councilor for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Board, Carmen Crespo, has regretted that the “recklessness” of the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, may provoke a “serious damage” to the Spanish livestock sector, and the Andalusian in particular, which is why he has requested an “immediate rectification”.

The statements of this member of the Executive recommending that Spaniards reduce their consumption of meat because they consider that they harm health and the planet “do not respond to reality, do not have any scientific rigor and show a striking lack of knowledge of livestock activity and the relevance of this sector ”, emphasized the head of the branch in a statement.

Andalusian animal production generated more than 2,000 million euros in 2020, which represents 10 percent of the production of the agricultural branch of Andalusia, and the autonomous community has more than 27,000 cattle farms that generate more than 5.5 million annual wages. “The demonstrations of Minister Garzón represent an attack on many families who live off livestock and who are committed to sustainable production of recognized quality,” Crespo recalled.

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