the measures of the anti-crisis plan one by one

the measures of the anti-crisis plan one by one

In addition to the measures that already existed in the previous Royal Decree, the President of the Government has announced the second package of measures, which will be in force until December 31 and will be financed with 9,000 million euros, in addition to the 6,000 from the previous package.

These are the new measures:

Discount on transport passes

A 50% reduction in the monthly transport bonuses in the State infrastructures, such as the commuter trains. In addition, it adds a 30% discount for transport that depends on Communities and City Councils, leaving up to 50% in the hands of these administrations. This measure, however, will only be in force from September 1 of this year and until the end of the course.

Help of 200 euros

An aid of 200 euros for self-employed workers and the unemployed who have low incomes, although the president has not clarified where the income limit line is to receive it.

Increase for pensions

A 15% increase in contributory pensions and the 15% increase in the Minimum Vital Income is maintained.

Reduction of VAT on electricity

The reduction of VAT on electricity from 10% to 5%. It is the second reduction that is made in the taxes of the electricity bill, since last year it was lowered from 21%, where the PP Government set it at the time, to 10%.

The increase in the IMV is maintained

Measures that came from the previous plan, approved in March, are maintained, such as the 15% rise in the Minimum Vital Income, which is now extended until the end of the year, like the rest of the Government's proposals to try to deal with high inflation . The discount of 20 cents on fuel is also maintained.

The cap on rent increases is maintained

The Government also extends until December 31 the limit to the rise in rents.

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