Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

The McLaren promises in China

The McLaren promises in China

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This weekend returns the Formula 1 to the action and does it in Shanghai, a circuit with very complicated curves and that is the most demanding for the single-seater, since it combines the twisty zone with the longest lines of the whole season. That is to say, finding the compromise between top speed and curve support is not easy. Today the first practice sessions that have dominated the Mercedes and Ferrari have been played, with Vettel and Bottas leading the classification. However, in the second round, the most "real" in terms of the race, the differences have been minimal, with both drivers separated by just 27 thousandths, and Verstappen to only two tenths, a performance that suggests a hard battle this weekend.

For its part, the other big surprise today has been the good performance of McLaren with Carlos Sainz, both in long run and a lap. The Spaniard has set the sixth fastest time and has confirmed the good evolution of the MCL34, which in China has several improvements that can consolidate the development of the car. "We had a hopeful second session after facing some problems in the first, but I think we reacted well as a team and put a better base for the afternoon," Sainz said. The Spaniard warned that the whole grid is "close as in the first two races, or even more." "This means you can not take anything for granted and it would be a big mistake not to analyze every detail just because we had a decent Friday, I want more from the car and we must make sure we do not fall if someone improves on Saturday." "The car is still not perfect and we still have some things to improve, but we hope to be able to configure it well for qualifying and have another positive Saturday," said McLaren.

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