The Mazo City Council asks the residents to keep calm in front of the La Palma volcano

The Villa de Mazo City Council has launched a reassuring message to the public and advises that you follow preventive measures to guarantee safety and maintain normality in the daily life of the municipality, two weeks after the eruptive process began in Cumbre Vieja.

The mayor, Goretti Pérez Corujo, participated this morning in the steering committee of the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (Pevolca), where the situation was analyzed and preventive measures were emphasized for the area of ​​incidence of the eruptive process, in addition to the rest of the island.

Goretti Pérez Corujo insisted on the need to adopt a responsible attitude, taking into account all preventive measures, at the same time that it sends a message of tranquility. “We have to get used to living with the volcano. What is happening in the Aridane Valley is devastating, but in our municipality we must be in solidarity and the best way to help the affected people is to keep calm and tranquility, trying to carry out a normal life, “he said.

Municipal operators and vehicles They continue to work in the municipality to remove the ash and sand fromdeposited in recent days, especially to keep the roads clear and to guarantee safety in mobility Finally, the mayor wants to highlight the solidarity of all the neighborhoods of Villa de Mazo, which from the first moment have turned to aHelp the sister municipalities of El Paso and Los Llanos de Aridane and Tazacorte.

In this sense, the City Council enabled, from the first moment, two points for residents who wanted to make a donation, in the Tirimaga Cultural Center and in the premises of the Local Police.


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