July 25, 2021

The mayor of Torrox boasts of going out in the media for a macho crime | Society

The mayor of Torrox boasts of going out in the media for a macho crime | Society

The mayor of Torrox, Óscar Medina (PP) was interviewed last Friday at the local station to talk about his municipal management. The program was broadcast just 24 hours after a man, now in prison, killed his wife with a knife. Asked about the sexist crime, Medina, after lamenting the facts, maintained that he remained "with the positive part of an intolerable disgrace", in reference to the unity that all administrations, political parties and citizens had shown in condemning the murder and he boasted that the municipality of Malaga had been the protagonist of all the media. A few words that have aroused the rejection of local political groups and that have returned Torrox, again, to the forefront of today.

"I'm left with a phrase, regardless of the pain of an intolerable misfortune, I'm left with a phrase that a camera from a national media told me, from the many national media, Telecinco, Antena 3, TVE … One told me:` Mayor , it is the first time we have said in Madrid `we are going to broadcast from Torrox'. This means, before you were mayor, we did not know where Torrox was, we have to put Torrox, Malaga to appear on the map, and one of the cameras told me, we said in Madrid, we go to Torrox as he says we go to Marbella, Benalmadena, Benidorm, Santa Pola and Spain knows Torrox, "explained the alderman. "With which I want to say here that it is a pride that, in our town, something will be doing well so that it has been known at the level of Spain", concluded Medina.

The mayor explains in a telephone conversation that the intention of his words was to imply that his location should also be known for positive things and not negatives, such as sexist crime. "The interviewer had mentioned in her question that Torrox had become a media showcase for this sad case and I wanted to remember that the people should be known for positive circumstances." I apologize because perhaps it was not the time to convey positive things. "he says.

The controversial reflection of the mayor of Torrox has angered the political forces of the city. The municipal group of IU in Torrox has announced that it will propose a plenary session for the mayor's disapproval. "The statements are totally out of place, because they show a lack of tact and total empathy before the murder of a neighbor of our municipality," denounced the mayor of the María José Prados coalition. The PSOE condemned the words of Medina through social networks: "We regret the embarrassing statements of Mayor Óscar Medina that today, unfortunately, have put Torrox on the map."


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