The mayor of Teruel regrets the boycott and says she expected Teruel's position There

The mayor of Teruel, Emma Buj (PP), said on Sunday that she regrets the calls to the boycott "that some Internet users" have launched against the city and has assured that she is not surprised by the support of the deputy of Teruel There, Tomás Guitarte, the investiture of Pedro Sánchez.

Buj has written on his Facebook account that he never expected that "the people who presented themselves to the elections under the denomination Teruel There would do something different from what they are going to do today and on the 7th," he added that "there are more comments ".

"I refer to my words before the elections: whoever Pedro Sánchez is president has many options to whom to vote, who does not want it has a clear that is the Popular Party," he said.

Regarding the call for a boycott of the city that several Internet users have promoted from social networks, the mayor recalled that "for the tranquility of all" this type of campaigns previously used in other regions such as Catalonia "have not harmed even their products, nor his tourism. "

Buj has said that there are hours left for "the investiture that will result in a government that 95% of Spaniards should worry about" is consumed, and that "for the first time in democracy, communism will be present in the Government, and he will do it according to the separatists who want to divide Spain. "

"If no one remedies it, we will have a government in the hands of separatists and populists, chaired by a man who has destroyed his own party and who did not want to sit down and talk to the constitutionalist parties," he insisted.

The mayor explained that from the town hall they will work to "generate a positive image" of the city and that from the Popular Party they will continue to defend "the unity of Spain."

Buj has concluded the message stating that this is his personal opinion and that he will not enter into discussions on social networks with those who insult "those who do not think like them."


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