The mayor of San Juan supports the demonstration against the governor

The mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, supported on Thursday, through a statement, the demonstration called to request the departure of the governor of the island and the president of the Senate for her management of the earthquake crisis,

"If there is something that our country does not tolerate more is abuse. Hurricanes Irma and Maria left a balance of more than 3,000 compatriots killed by the bureaucracy and inefficiency of a federal government that failed to handle the emergency and a local government that did not He had the courage to claim him to defend our people, "he said.

"The least we could ask as a people was that after that loss of more than 3,000 and after the summer of 2019, the government of the day, now led by Wanda Vázquez, would have learned that this country no longer tolerates corruption and abuse by a simple reason, when the government does not work in an emergency people die. It's that simple, "he said.

Cruz said that the Government of Wanda Vázquez has not understood that his primary duty is to protect the population and second, that they have not understood that the people cannot endure more lies or more abuse.

"The discovery of a warehouse in Ponce with sufficient supplies sowed outrage in our people. The visuals of our children and old people sleeping on the floor when there were cots, people asking for water when there were thousands of bottles, people without light when there were generators, people asking for food when there were propane stoves and canned food will be forever recorded in our collective memory, "denounced the mayor.

"And now it was not the federal government that was insensitive and that of Puerto Rico was an accomplice, now it is the government of Wanda Vázquez's turn that denies the help of our people risking their lives in the process. Now it is Wanda Vázquez who lies and Given the clear evidence, he admits today that he knew about the existence of the stores, "he said.

Cruz stressed that for the people he has reasons to be indignant and reasons to claim to Wanda Vázquez that he has revealed that he cannot with the post "that history gave him the opportunity to show off."

"The chair of Fortaleza - the seat of the Executive - is large," said the mayor, of the opposition Popular Democratic Party (PPD).

"I trust that message will be clear so that Wanda Vázquez and his Government understand that, in a partisan crisis, they intend to take the country entangled in their fight," he concluded.

He also said that on the occasion of the demonstration today the Municipality of San Juan will be able to make available to those who need medical emergency personnel for any health situation that arises, cleaning staff will be handling the cleaning activities from the Capitol until the Old San Juan.


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